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The final season of This Is Us is leaving no stone left unturned, and that includes giving fans one last Big Three trilogy. Kevin’s hour of the three-parter premiered last week, and now fans wonder when they will get to see the Kate-centric episode. So will This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9 air tonight, March 22?

'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 9, which airs tonight, March 22, stars Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan share a scene as Kate and Toby. Kate wears a black dress with pink and red flowers on it. Toby wears a blue coat and brown scarf.
Chrissy Metz as Kate and Chris Sullivan as Toby | Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 9 airs tonight, March 22

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait long for This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9. The Kate-centric hour premieres tonight, March 22, on NBC. The rest of the final episodes will air weekly without interruptions until the series finale on May 24.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode of This Is Us, “The Hill,” reads, “Kate visits Toby.” And we know from the preview that Kate and Toby take a trip to San Francisco together. Mandy Moore directed the hour, and Chrissy Metz, Casey Johnson, and David Windsor wrote it.

What happened in episodes 7 and 8?

Going off of Rebecca’s emotional plea to her kids in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 7, tonight’s hour reveals how Kate interprets her mother’s wishes for her.

Rebecca informed Kevin, Kate, and Randall that Miguel would be making the decisions regarding her care if she couldn’t do so herself. And if Miguel were sadly not around, Kate would take his place. Rebecca also told her children that she didn’t want them to stop living their lives because of her illness. She said, “You will not make your lives smaller because of me.”

Later, when Kate asked Rebecca why she chose her, Rebecca replied, “You are my daughter and my best friend. It was always you, Kate.”

Episode 8 featured Kevin seeking his life’s purpose following his mother’s request. After a trip to the cabin with his twins and an emotional night with Cassidy, “Number One” decided to start Big Three Homes with Nicky and Cassidy. It will be a nonprofit construction company that employs veterans. And now, in tonight’s episode of This Is Us, “Number Two” will try her best to fix her marriage.


‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Kevin Reunites With Cassidy in ‘The Guitar Man’

Tonight’s episode of ‘This Is Us’ teases the beginning of the end of Kate and Toby

Although Kate and Toby are eager to fix whatever is broken between them, fans know that their marriage is doomed. And it sounds like This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9 will kickstart the end of their relationship.

“We’re starting to see the unraveling of their relationship,” Chrissy Metz told E! News Daily Pop. “And whether they’re both right and wrong, or whether you agree with them or not, I think you’re gonna find yourself in either person’s shoes. It’s, sort of, navigating through a marriage. But also, he’s moved to San Francisco for a new job. She’s trying to keep everything kosher at the house with the kids. And it’s hard because they’re living two separate lives.”

Metz continued, “So they’re coming to San Francisco to have this really beautiful weekend together that Toby has planned for Kate.”

Chris Sullivan interjected, “They’re trying to save it.” And Metz agreed, “They’re trying to save their marriage.”

Metz also teased, “This is one of the hardest episodes that I’ve ever shot. There were a couple scenes where I was like, ‘Chris, I’m, like, physically ill.’ And I think it was just the beginning of the end, of course of the series, but the beginning of the end of their relationship.”

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 9, “The Hill,” airs tonight, March 22, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.