‘This Is Us’ Viewers Convinced Writers Teased Kevin and Madison Endgame in Season 5

This Is Us fans have only one more week until the show jumps forward five years into the future. Then, the Pearsons celebrate Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) wedding to Phillip (Chris Geere). Viewers are convinced the show’s writers teased how Kevin and Madison’s (Justin Hartley and Caitlin Thompson) relationship would evolve back in season 5. This theory comes as the couple agreed they would remain close for their twins, Franny and Nicky. Madison also admitted that she was “excited” over the prospect of marrying her boyfriend Elijah (Adam Korson).

Justin Hartley and Caitlin Thompson on the set of This Is Us.
Justin Hartley and Caitlin Thompson | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

‘KaToby’ closes the door on Kate and Toby’s marriage and opens her up to a relationship with Phillip

Tonight on This Is Us, Kate and Toby deal with their union’s end, despite the deep love they share.

However, they have grown in directions opposite the other over the past several years, and no amount of affection will change the issues that divide them.

“KaToby” will touch on how Kate and Phillip’s relationship evolves and breaks down.

An episode titled “Day of the Wedding” will jump five years into the future and feature Kate and Phillip’s big day. This airs on Apr. 19.

Kate and Phillip are surrounded by Kate’s loved ones, including her brother Kevin, sister-in-law Beth (Susan Kalechi Watson), her brother Randall (Sterling K. Brown), and her best friend, Madison. This event takes place five years in the future.

Adult Jack and his wife Lucy (Blake Stadnik and Auden Thornton) are also featured in another flash-forward.

Some viewers are convinced clues in Kate’s wedding episode tease Kevin and Madison’s future together

Justin Hartley, Caitlyn Thompson, Susan Kalechi Watson star on This Is Us.
Justin Hartley, Caitlyn Thompson, and Susan Kalechi Watson | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In a Reddit thread titled “I can’t be the only thinking this kind of proximity would be widely inappropriate for two taken exes,” fans debated Kevin and Madison’s future.

This debate came after the season 5 closer, where fans saw a flash-forward of Kate’s wedding to Phillip. This YouTube clip proves Kevin and Madison remain connected.

“I predict that Kevin and Madison will marry. The signs are all there. Miguel once told Kevin that not all love stories are written in the stars. Some are written together. They are very flirty during Kate’s flash-forward wedding to Phillip. I was pretty surprised that Madison admitted she was excited about the idea of Elijah proposing because she looked at Kevin like she wanted to kiss him!” wrote one follower.

“During Kate’s second wedding, Madison smiles so adoringly at Kevin. She says, ‘I told you 12 times already this morning, girls only.’ This comment indicates that they are together and gives hope for Kevison fans,” claimed a second Reddit user.

“This scene convinces me Kevin ends up with Madison, and they’re so cute here, I have to say I’m for it,” expressed a third viewer.

“I don’t know, all things considered (Elijah being insecure about Kevin and Sophie having had a history of infidelity with Kevin), I simply don’t see how Kev and Madison would reach a point where they act this flirtatious if they are both involved with other people,” concluded a fourth fan.

‘This Is Us’ creator Dan Fogelman teased ‘affection’ between Kevin and Madison

Justin Hartley and Caitlin Thompson on the set of This Is Us.
Justin Hartley and Caitlin Thompson | NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In an interview with People Magazine on the heels of the 2021 season 5 finale, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman teased “affection” between Kevin and Madison.

“I think the main takeaway should be, despite the heartbreak of that beautiful thing between them and the unusual breakup between them, something is very right with them in that future timeline at the end of the episode,” Fogelman said in 2021.

“To go beyond that, I can’t say. We have our plan, and we have had it for quite some time. You’re not wrong in reading into, like, there’s genuine affection or maybe something more there. But outside of that, it’s for next season to reveal,” Fogelman said.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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