‘This Is Us’ Viewers ‘Kinda Like’ These ‘Hated’ Storylines

Many fans of NBC’s This Is Us are dealing with the absence of their favorite show by rewatching the series’ six seasons. Some of the storylines they weren’t too keen on when they first aired are now attracting a different point of view. What tales crafted by This Is Us‘ writing team led fans to change their opinions from “hated” to “kinda like?”

Chris Sullivan and Chrissy Metz on the set of NBC's 'This Is Us.'
Chris Sullivan and Chrissy Metz | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘This Is Us’ six seasons have something for every viewer

During 106 episodes and six seasons, the This Is Us writing team explored every type of storyline imaginable in telling the tale of the Pearson family.

The family drama tackled many challenging topics. These topics included alcoholism, infant death, infidelity, the effects of war, teen sex, abusive relationships, weight, and death.

Also tackled was Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s Disease, drug dependency, adoption, disability, divorce, mental health, miscarriage, remarriage, and LGBTQ issues.

Sandwiched in between these tough topics were tender family moments as well.

What were the storylines that fans ‘hated’ that they now ‘kinda like’?


‘This Is Us’ Fans Claim This Is the ‘Biggest Mistake’ the Show’s Writers Made in Season 6

In a Reddit post titled “things you like about the show that are unpopular,” fans discussed the storylines that may not have hit the right notes upon their first watch. However, they now changed their opinions.

“I’m happy with the flash-forwards of the future generations too. It was the right amount. I don’t find any of them interesting enough to warrant more screen time in retrospect,” one fan wrote.

“They dealt with the breakup of Kate and Toby (Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan) well. I feel they did it justice, making them try to work on their marriage, then admitting it wasn’t going to improve, and the final arc of them being great co-parents. But, I wasn’t a fan when it first came out, though,” penned a second follower.

“Ooh, I hated the Vietnam storyline the first time around, but I’ve just started a rewatch, and the second time around, I found it quite engrossing, and with hindsight, it is really important. Watching it again AFTER getting to know Nicky made it more interesting to me,” deduced a third Reddit user.

“I was very OK with the amount of flashforward time and wouldn’t have wanted to waste much final season time on Jack Jr. or any of the rest as adults. They’re not the characters I’ve been following since the show’s start, so I’m glad the final focus was more on the Big Three and Jack and Rebecca,” claimed a fourth viewer.

How can ‘This Is Us’ fans rewatch all six series seasons?

Viewers have several choices for watching the entire series.

All six seasons of This Is Us are available on Peacock TV.

The series is also streamed in its entirety on Hulu.

NBC.com continues to stream all six seasons of This Is Us as well.

Fans can also purchase and download This Is Us for a fee on Amazon Prime.