‘This Is Us’ Viewers Would Have Loved to Have Seen These ‘Skipped Over’ Season 6 Storylines

One of the biggest issues fans have had with This Is Us throughout its six-season run on NBC has been the number of storylines viewers claim have been “skipped over” throughout the years. Many of these tales run the gamut from missed weddings and proposals to fleshing out storylines of secondary Pearson family friends and family. What are the storylines viewers would have loved to have seen more of in season 6? You will be surprised when you find out.

Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley on the set of This Is Us.
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‘This Is Us’ tells the story of a family and all its ups and downs

The NBC series tells the story of a family and its ups and downs.

The series shares the heartwarming and emotional story of three children and their parents, who navigate a life filled with love, secrets, and questions.

Their lives have been chronicled from the moment their parents, Jack and Rebecca Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore), first met through their birth.

This extraordinary couple experienced a stillbirth the day their children Kevin and Kate were born. However, fate played a role in the duo’s adoption of a child left at a local firehouse, creating the show’s infamous Big Three.

However, through hardship and happiness, the Pearson family kept their unit tight, even after the deaths of both their parents. Forging ahead, they built new families while keeping their core relationship strong.

‘This Is Us’ viewers would love to have seen these ‘skipped over’ storylines

In a Reddit post titled “What’s a scene they skipped over this season that you would have loved to see?” fans debated the moments they would have loved the series writers to have explored further.

One viewer subsequently explained, “I read an interview with Jon Huertas saying that they had to cut out about 15 minutes of footage they’d shot about Miguel and Rebecca’s wedding in Puerto Rico. I understand why they had to do it to fit the story into his episode, but still, I’d have loved to see more than just their wedding photo and a voiceover of their vows.”

“I always wanted more of a backstory on Toby throughout the entire series. In some ways, I feel he only got as much screen time as Madison,” wrote a second This Is Us fan.

Meanwhile, a third Reddit user shared, “Jack and Hailey honestly need their spinoff.”

“Kevin and Sophie’s wedding, we didn’t see any of their weddings. We saw Kate married twice, Randall and Beth’s wedding and Rebecca and Jack but no Kevin!!” penned the fourth fan.

Other fans championed other key skipped storylines

“The Train” is the second to last episode in “This Is Us” history.

Still, other fans championed skipped storylines that involved the younger members of the Pearson clan.

Those storylines didn’t get much chance to be explored throughout the series.

“ANYTHING significant or poignant about Deja, Tess, and Annie’s lives between childhood to adulthood. If all we get is Deja being pregnant. But I guess it’d ultimately be Rebecca’s first great-grandchild, so I get why it’s there,” wrote one follower.

“Some deeper resolution between Kevin and Randall’s sibling issues. I don’t think they ever resolved it fully. I’d been hoping we’d see their bond strengthen, needing to work together with Rebecca’s illness. It would’ve been nice to see Randall acknowledge just how much Kevin has done to support him, Kate, and Rebecca over the years as he’s matured,” claimed a second viewer.

However, a third fan penned, “I would like to find out who Joshua Malina’s character is (the man in the car accident that Kevin helped). That was a HUGE skipped storyline and missed opportunity.”

This Is Us fans can look forward to two more installments of the series before it comes to a close.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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