‘This Is Us’ Viewers Suspect Malik Is the Father of Deja’s Future Baby

The writers of NBC’s This Is Us are particularly adept in planting nuggets within episodes of the NBC series that eventually come to fruition later. In “Every Version of You,” a story that centered on Randall Pearson’s (Sterling K. Brown) relationship with his mother Rebecca (Mandy Moore), the series dropped what appeared to be a breadcrumb trail that may lead Deja back to Malik in a future episode.

Lyric Ross and Asante Blackk on the set of NBC's This Is Us.
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Deja and Malik’s first love ended in heartbreak

After a year of dating, Deja (Lyric Ross) and Malik (Asante Blackk) realize the physical distance between them has severely strained their relationship.

Malik was accepted to Harvard University and had a challenging first year. He had to balance a long-distance relationship with Deja, difficult classes, and young fatherhood.

Deja was willing to finish her high school education early and join her boyfriend in Boston. However, Randall and Beth (Susan Kalechi Watson) gave them a frosty reception. In turn, Randall asked Malik to cool his relationship with Deja. Malik later realized that he loved Deja too much to have her change her life for him.

Randall encouraged the young man to continue on his educational path and told him that if their relationship were meant to be, it would happen independently.

‘This Is Us’ fans believe Malik is the father of Deja’s future baby

In a Reddit poll titled “Will Malik be the father of Deja’s baby?” fans debated if the couple would reunite in the future.

“I’d like to see Deja get to be young. And I like Malik. But I wasn’t a fan of them getting together so young and her dropping out of school and giving up opportunities for him. In the future, I’m ok with them being together and maybe even her having his baby,” wrote one viewer.

“I lean toward no because the writers set it up to give us a flash-forward showing him as the father (even if it was just future Deja mentioning him to someone), and yet we got nothing.,” penned a second fan. “Showing it later on wouldn’t be as impactful without a lead-up like that one. If they end up getting back together in the current time, then that could set it up, but with so much else left to cover, I don’t know that they will.”

“Personally think he will be the baby daddy. Their breakup was because of timing,” shared a third Reddit user.

Subsequently, a fourth viewer drew parallels between the love story of Rebecca and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and that of her granddaughter and Malik.

“I have been thinking so based on the themes of the series. When Malik took Deja around to see Philly in season 4, she said he made her feel like home. It reminds me of how Jack told Rebecca she feels like home at the end of their first date,” the viewer explained.

What we know about her future pregnancy

La Trice Harper and Iyana Halley star as adult Deja and Annie on This Is Us.
La Trice Harper and Iyana Halley | NBC/YouTube

In a flash-forward scene during season 5, episode 9, titled “The Ride,” viewers learn that adult Deja is pregnant.

It’s the first time fans see adult Deja and adult Annie, who drives Deja to Kevin’s house where the Pearsons are meeting up to visit Rebecca on her deathbed. Annie also seems to be the only one who knows that Deja is pregnant.

“I know it’s early, and I know you’re not telling anyone,” Annie tells her sister before gifting her a baby toy.

However, the flash-forward is thought to take place sometime around 2032 or 2034. As a medical intern working in labor and delivery, Deja wears a lab coat as a medical intern. 

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