‘This Is Us’ Viewers Believe Toby’s Been ‘Done Dirty’ by Pearson Siblings

This Is Us viewers, who have followed the story of the Pearson family throughout the series’ six seasons, believe that Toby (Chris Sullivan) is being “done dirty” by siblings Kate (Chrissy Metz), Randall (Sterling K. Brown), and Kevin (Justin Hartley). This statement came on the heels of the series 11th episode titled “Saturday in the Park,” when the couple came to blows regarding their marriage. Kate had the support of her siblings, while Toby stood alone.

chrissy metz and chris sullivan on the set of this is us
Chris Sullivan and Chrissy Metz | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Toby and Kate struggled in thier marriage

Toby and Kate’s marriage has faltered for several years. However, it appeared they had a strength to overcome any obstacles as a couple to come out happily on the other side.

Subsequently, it took Toby’s San Francisco job, which takes him away from his family throughout the week, which appeared to be the final nail in their coffin. During this time, both Toby and Kate began to make their own lives away from the other. However, these worlds clashed when the couple reunited on the weekends.

Most times, the couple clashed over the parenting of their two children, Jack and Hailey. During the episode titled “Saturday in the Park,” Kate and Toby’s differences came to a head.

A flood in the kitchen, which Toby and his father patched earlier in the season but never had professionally fixed, added a layer of difficulties to an already stressful personal situation. As Toby and Kate appeared preoccupied with stopping the water from creating further damage to their home, neither remembered to secure their son Jack properly in their home.

Jack, who is unsighted, was able to get out of their house and walk himself to the park. While he made it there safely, he took a fall on concrete steps and suffered a severe wound to his head.

‘This Is Us’ viewers felt Toby was ‘done dirty’ by the Pearson siblings

The fallout from their son’s accident plus lingering issues that had not yet been addressed, came to a head on the couple’s front lawn during the episode.

As Kate and Toby fought, both Randall and Kevin stepped in to protect their sister, an instinct they’ve had since childhood.

Toby, defenseless against the Pearson trio, returned into the home to cry at his sleeping son’s bedside.

Some viewers of This Is Us felt the siblings ganged up on Toby. They shared their commentary in a Reddit thread dedicated to the series.

“This was the first time I really did not like the Big 3 dynamic. Even the scene at the end grated me because all that happens is that they reinforced the conflict. The two timelines don’t even really correlate with each other to emphasize their love, just that they’re enablers,” wrote one follower.

“Yeah…they are doing my man Toby so dirty. The Pearson Codependence was through the roof in this episode,” claimed a second follower.

“It makes my blood boiled, if I am having an argument with my husband and his siblings just do that? I would be extremely pissed,” a third follower explained.

“What if it’s your siblings doing that to your husband? I’d have told them to mind their own business and get off my lawn,” remarked a fourth fan.

‘KaToby’ will explore the evolution of Kate and Toby’s relationship

“KaToby” will further explore the relationship between Kate and Toby on “This Is Us.”

The 12th episode of the series titled “KaToby” will explore the evolution of Kate and Toby’s relationship.

In a trailer for the series, Toby tells Kate that he will do whatever it takes to save their family, including taking a job in their hometown of Los Angeles.

“I was married to a wonderful man, and we loved each other a lot, but it wasn’t enough,” Kate says in what appears to be a reflective moment.

“I thought if we fixed what’s broken we would find our way back to each other,” Toby says. “This cannot be the way our story ends.”

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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