‘This Is Us’: ‘Virgin River’ Star Alexandra Breckenridge Hints at Sophie’s Return

Virgin River star Alexandra Breckenridge returned to This Is Us in the show’s final season. However, the episode “Three Sentences” did little to solve the mystery of Sophie’s return, leaving many fans desperate to know what role Sophie’s character will play in the final chapter of Kevin’s story

Kevin and Sophie’s love story in ‘This Is Us’

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(l-r) Justin Hartley as Kevin, Alexandra Breckenridge as Sophie in ‘This Is Us’ | Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

This Is Us’ Kevin has always been in love with Sophie. He told his parents he was in love with her at the age of 10 and proceeded to throw her a themed birthday party in middle school. Through marriage and divorce, all the way up to that longing stare at Kate and Philip’s engagement party, Kevin loves Sophie. So, one of the biggest heartbreaks in his story so far was that he cheated on her during their marriage. 

The bond between the characters seems too important to lose, something actor Alexandra Breckenridge pointed out to Cosmopolitan in 2017.

“Kevin and Sophie, they’ve loved each other since they were kids,” she told the publication. “They’ve been off and on since they were children. I think that eventually it’s gonna work out for them, or at least I hope it does. I think they have a bond that’s kind of unbreakable.” It seems the actor was right as she reposted a fan’s Instagram (via Purewow) that hinted her This Is Us season 6 return might be pretty meaningful.

Sophie’s return to ‘This Is Us’

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Sophie is back in This Is Us’ final season. As Kate’s childhood best friend, it’s no surprise to see her turn up at Kate’s wedding. However, she is not alone. Sophie is now married to the man she was engaged to at Kate and Philip’s engagement dinner. 

As This Is Us comes close to its end, a mystery has emerged about Kevin and who he was with the night before Kate and Philip’s wedding. Madison and Beth play sleuths and investigate the scene. There are three candidates: The wedding singer (Scandal’s Katie Lowes), Cassidy, and Sophie.

Kevin and Sophie have a habit of coming back into each other’s lives during periods of mourning. For instance, in season 4, when Kevin and Sophie reconnect following her mother’s death. As Rebecca’s health continues to fail, it could be that her devastating departure from the lives of the “Big Three” leads to Sophie’s final and lasting return in This Is Us

‘This Is Us’ final season and the end of Kevin’s story

One major hint seemed to surface with Kevin’s Princess Bride speech during his sister’s wedding, making Sophie laugh. The classic film is the couple’s favorite, as revealed in This Is Us season 1 during the early years of the couple’s courtship. Kevin’s reference instantly saw the couple’s connection resurface, and the April 19th episode ended with the childhood loves walking together. 

While many would argue that Sophie is the best and only way to end Kevin’s storyline on the show, Kevin’s most poetic end could be not to wind up with Sophie. As Sophie pointed out, Kevin never has to make decisions because he always gets what he wants. Thus, it could be that Kevin’s greatest growth—and his peace—will come through disappointment. 

There are only five episodes left in This Is Us’ final season, and, as is generally the way with the hit show, things are looking complicated. There could be no better ending for some than for Kevin to end up with Sophie, who he has loved from the show’s inception. Yet it seems unlikely that Sophie would cheat on her husband, considering her history as a cheated-on spouse. 

However events unfold, much is sure to be learned from the April 26th episode titled “The Night Before the Wedding.”

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