‘This Is Us’: Will Kevin End up Alone? Justin Hartley Teases the Answer

If there’s one thing that This Is Us fans tend not to agree on, it’s who Kevin should end up with when the series ends. Some believe it should be his childhood sweetheart, and others think that the mother of his children is his soulmate. But Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, wants to make it known that his character could very well end up single.

'This Is Us' star Justin Hartley, in character as Kevin Pearson, wears a black jacket over a light gray shirt and black pants while walking through a production studio.
Justin Hartley as Kevin | Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Justin Hartley claims Kevin could be single when ‘This Is Us’ ends

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Justin Hartley teased how This Is Us solves the mystery of Kevin’s love life. And he suggested that not every fan will like the answer.

“I don’t think everyone’s going to be happy necessarily,” the actor said. “Every single person is not going to be like, ‘That’s what I wanted.’ Some people will want something different. I mean, because it could be that he just ends up with no one.”

Hartley continued, “People are going to have their own reasons for why they believe what they believe. But whether you get what you want or you don’t get what you want, I think it’s going to be very satisfying. And you’re going to understand what happened, and you’re going to say, ‘Well, that makes a lot of sense.'”

Of course, Hartley has to be as evasive as possible because he can’t spoil the show’s ending. But it’s interesting that the actor claims that Kevin could still end up alone, given what the audience knows about the future in This Is Us.

Justin Hartley’s character is wearing a wedding ring in the flash-forward scenes

This Is Us has been teasing a flash-forward where the Pearson family gathers at the house Kevin built for Rebecca since season 2. And the season 4 finale revealed game-changing facts about the future.

Firstly, when it aired, it showed viewers that Kevin and Randall would recover from their devastating fight about Rebecca’s health care. But the scene also focused on a wedding ring that Kevin wore on his left hand, which told fans that he was married.

So although Justin Hartley suggested that Kevin could be single when This Is Us ends, the audience knows that that’s not likely. The only question left is who does Kevin marry?

The two major candidates for Kevin’s heart in ‘This Is Us’ are Sophie and Madison

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Justin Hartley essentially ruled out Cassidy as Kevin’s soulmate. And he also contemplated the idea that Kevin could end up with Sophie or Madison.

“I think there’s a big percentage of people that want Kevin to be with Sophie,” Hartley shared. “I also think there’s a big percentage of people that don’t want that because they’re like, ‘Jesus, how many times are these guys going to get together and ruin each other’s lives?’ But I would say that the debate is usually Madison or Sophie. And it’s hard to beat a love interest that you’ve had from five years old.”

He added, “But then Madison and Kevin have had these great moments, and they have a family together, and she’s so sweet to him, so it’s tough. He’ll figure it out. What’s interesting is there’s a significant group of people that want him to be with someone else. And I understand that, too.”

So Kevin will likely end his This Is Us story with either Sophie, Madison, or a woman fans have yet to meet. Hopefully, the audience learns who it is sooner rather than later because they’re getting restless.

This Is Us Season 6 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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