This Is What Victoria Beckham Eats 3 or 4 Times a Day

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is super disciplined in what she eats as well as in her exercise regimen. She eats a clean diet and makes sure her family eats healthfully as well.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham | Pablo Cuadra/WireImage

The businesswoman eats one surprising food item up to four times a day. Find out what that is as well as the guilty pleasure she allows herself to indulge in from time to time.

Beckham is extremely disciplined in her diet

Tremendously careful as to what she puts in her mouth, the 45-year-old considers her body almost as a machine. Perhaps there is something to Beckham’s approach in removing the emotion from eating, to look upon one’s body as a unit requiring nourishment and that’s that. Beckham feels it is her well-measured diet that enables her to blast through her morning workout as well as her very busy day.

“I enjoy eating healthily,” she told The Times. “And I’m in the fortunate position where it’s easy for me. I can afford to eat well. I expect a lot from my body. And I’m never sick. You have to be kind to your body if you expect a lot from it.”

The indulgence she will allow herself once in a while

Beckham isn’t all hard-and-fast rules for her diet. She does allow herself to have a little treat every once in a while. It’s her consistency in her regular diet that gives her the energy she needs and that, as well, allows for the occasional splurge.

She told InStyle in 2007, “I’ve got to say I eat loads of those bloody American pretzel things. They’re so addictive. I think it’s all the salt on them. I’m not a sweet-tooth person; I’m more savory.”

“I’m not into cake. I only eat fruit. I love to have strawberries — and a couple glasses of wine. I think the antioxidants make up for the damage.”

Victoria Beckham eats this frequently throughout each day

If you thought about anything you intentionally consumed each day, what might it be? Perhaps bread, or cheese, or vegetables? For Beckham, it’s avocadoes. Surprising because of their high-fat content and yet not surprising, because it’s healthy fat.

Avocadoes are the new “It” food. Once shunned because of its pudgy profile, the green stone fruit is a celebrity in the food world, thanks to those heart-healthy fats.

“It’s not about wanting to look younger,” she told The Telegraph in 2019. “I’m not going to be coming out with products saying they’re going to get rid of wrinkles – because that’s bullshit. I think we should celebrate who we are, and be the best, most powerful version of ourselves.”

For Beckham, that power surely comes, in part, from all those avocadoes. And it’s a family avocado vibe, as she shared with Vogue Netherlands in 2017.

“I go for a three-mile run every morning and I work out for an hour with a PT, which gives me just enough time to get to the kitchen to puree [son] Romeo’s avocados. His toast jumps out of the toaster the minute he comes down for breakfast.”

It’s working for the Beckham clan. Something to consider to add to your diet for a powerful 2020!

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