This is Why Meghan Markle Won’t Wear Red Lipstick

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle | Leon Neal/Getty Images

Most would agree Meghan Markle always looks flawless. Her hair, attire, and makeup are perfect. One thing you might notice about the duchess is that she tends to wear natural lipstick colors. Although royals are encouraged not to be drastic when it comes to their look, this isn’t the reason she stays away from a bold lip. Are you curious about her makeup choice? We’ve got some answers for you.

Here’s why Meghan Markle doesn’t wear red lipstick.

Her style

Meghan’s style choices usually make headlines, and it’s for a good reason. She has great taste that’s admired by many. Her choices are so popular the items she wears usually sell out in minutes and retailers have to put shoppers on waiting lists.

The duchess has a few favorite designers. Some of her favorites include Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Givenchy, and Everlane. One of her most attention-grabbing fashion choices was the $75,000 Ralph & Russo gown she chose for her engagement photos.

You won’t see her wearing bold nail polish

It’s likely you’ve noticed Meghan doesn’t wear dark nail polish. That’s because there are strict rules when it comes to nail polish. Royal women are required to wear only natural colors during official events. Essie is a favorite brand among British royal family members. Essie ballet slippers is the only color Queen Elizabeth wears. She’s been a faithful fan of the color since 1989, according to the nail polish company. People reports manicurist and makeup artist Marina Sandoval painted Kate Middleton’s nails with Essie allure and mixed it with Boujois’ rose lounge for the duchess’s 2011 wedding.

Meghan’s wedding makeup artist spills the beans

Meghan’s makeup artist shared an interesting tidbit about the duchess’s look. You might be surprised to learn Meghan does her own makeup. Although she could have her makeup done by a professional, she chooses to go it alone. “She’s gotten more comfortable doing her own makeup. She loves makeup and she’s good at it!” Meghan’s wedding makeup artist, Daniel Martin, told People.

Why Meghan does her own makeup

Why would Meghan do her own makeup if she has access to makeup artists? If you’re wondering why she would do her makeup by herself, the answer is quite simple. Martin told People Meghan just wants to complete her look and head out the door in a timely manner. “She’s been doing her makeup herself. She’s not fussy — she’s just trying to get it on and get out the door,” he said.

Why Meghan Markle doesn’t wear red lipstick

Another interesting fact about Meghan’s makeup routine is she doesn’t wear red lipstick. So, you likely won’t see her sporting a bold lip any time soon. Martin says she tried it before but didn’t feel like it was a good choice for her. Says Martin, “the one time she did a red lip, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it. She likes to talk and she’s not a fussy person, so she doesn’t want to have to worry about anything.”

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