This is Why Pete Davidson is No Longer on Social Media

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande | Pete Davidson via Instagram

SNL’s Pete Davidson and songstress Ariana Grande’s June engagement announcement was greeted with negative smears, instead of congratulations. The couple was engaged after only a few weeks of dating, which didn’t seem to fly with fans.

The backlash started shortly after the couple announced their engagement on Instagram. Grande posted an image of her visiting her ailing grandfather, but when Davidson commented “omg what a cutie,” a fan called him out. “Bro I know she’s hot but she’s grieving her grandfather,” the fan wrote. “Please at least ATTEMPT to show some compassion.”

Davidson clapped back saying, “I was talking about how cute her grandpa is. What’s wrong with that?  You guys will really look for anything to attack people. It’s sad.”

The social media exchange didn’t stop there as Grande and Davidson continued to field harsh comments on a regular basis. Many comments were lame, mocking Grande for her ponytail, however, another fan made a serious threat against Davidson.  Mounting anger and even a death threat prompted both Davidson and Grande to shut down their social media profiles.

He closed his social media account in July

After the negative comment-storm erupted following the engagement announcement, Davidson posted for the last time on Instagram. He wrote that the account closure was for no specific reason but, “I just don’t wanna be on Instagram anymore,” Teen Vogue reports. “Or on any social media platform. The internet is an evil place and it doesn’t make me feel good. Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is f*cking lit. The fact that I even have to say this proves my point. I love you all and I’m sure I’ll be back at some point.”

Davidson never felt comfortable with social media

Posting on social media opens users up to unsolicited comments, especially if you live a high profile lifestyle. Davidson says that when he used to post something he was only asking to be blasted. “If I post something I like and then people just sh*t all over it, it was like, ‘You’re asking for it,’” Vanity Fair reports.

However, he knows social media may be part of his job

Grande and Davidson share tattoos.| Pop Crave News via Instagram

For most celebrities, using social media to plug a new project is part of their job. As a result, Davidson maintains a social media account, but he’s still uncomfortable with it.

“I have an account in case I have to do something, but I don’t know how to go on there,” he told Howard Stern, Teen Vogue reports. “I don’t f*cking care. It makes me feel weird about myself. It’s just like, ‘What did you expect?’

Davidson received a death threat

Negative comments turned deadly. Davidson recently told radio shock jock Howard Stern about how serious it became. “I got a death threat,” Davidson told Stern, Vanity Fair reports. “Someone wanted to shoot me in the face because she’s so hot. Do you know how insane that is? I was like, ‘Am I that ugly that people want to shoot me in the face?’”

Although Davidson says he tries to roll with the negativity, it still gets to him. “I’m able to let it bounce off, but I think it would bother anybody,” he said to Stern. “I want to beat everybody up, but you can’t.”

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