This Low-Key Celebrity Has a Golden Touch With a High-Resell Value

Travis Scott might have begun his career as a rapper, but these days, he is a business mogul, with a hand in many of the year’s most successful collaborations. The former partner of Kylie Jenner, Scott has released hit songs like “Sicko Mode,” but finds that a hefty chunk of his fan base is far more invested in his business partnerships — including one with McDonald’s that has achieved massive internet popularity. It certainly seems as though Scott has the golden touch, and his influence isn’t likely to wane anytime soon. 

Travis Scott performing on stage with a blue and purple projection behind him
Travis Scott | Natasha Moustache/Getty Images

How did Travis Scott become famous?

Travis Scott was born in 1992 in Houston, Texas. Following his graduation from high school, Scott enrolled in college but dropped out prior to graduation in order to pursue his first love, music. After a few years releasing EP’s and performing in small nightclubs and venues, Scott signed to his first record label in 2012, according to IMDb. He released his debut studio album in 2015, and soon after, began working with big-name artists such as Quavo and Kanye West.

By 2017, Scott had become a sensation, and his song, “Sicko Mode,” became a huge hit. Scott’s 2018 album Astroworld made him an even bigger star, and endeared him to critics, as well as fans. Many hailed Scott as the most talented rapper of his generation. He has been nominated for six Grammy Awards over the past few years, and will undoubtedly continue to make waves in the music business — still, a whole new generation of fans are learning about Scott due to his contributions to the pop culture space. 

Travis Scott’s collaboration with McDonald’s is hugely popular

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In early September 2020, Travis Scott announced an exclusive collaboration with the fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s. The limited-edition Travis Scott meal includes a specialty burger, a medium fry with BBQ Sauce, and a Sprite. The meal was so popular when it was first launched that it reportedly caused a break in the McDonald’s supply chain, although the meal will still be available to purchase from select restaurants through early October. 

In addition to the food, Scott’s collab with the fast-food chain includes special merchandise. There are T-shirts, hoodies, a lunch tray, a work jacket — and a chicken McNugget body pillow. Most of the items in the collection sold out in minutes, and many of the exclusive pieces are currently being sold on resale sites for double and triple the original price. Fans have been loving the collaboration, and many have taken to social media to create and distribute memes that poke gentle fun at McDonald’s, as well as the crazy resell value on the merchandise from the collaboration, as seen on Reddit.

Travis Scott has a finger on the pulse of popular culture

It isn’t just body pillows and T-shirts that are selling like hotcakes — in fact, anything that Travis Scott touches turns to gold. The rapper has a collaboration with the shoe brand Nike, with the kicks that he has helped to promote taking the top spot for resale value, up to 830% on the Nike Air Force 1s, according to Real Style. While lots of musicians and athletes have launched Nike collabs over the years, Scott’s stands as one of the most successful (and lucrative) of all time, reports Stockx.

Fans love Scott for his style, without a doubt, but they also love the way that he appreciates pop culture and incorporates into his performances. During his guest stint in the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show, he even opened his performance with a much-heralded tribute to Spongebob Squarepants, as reported by Mashable. The moment quickly went viral and helped to cement Scott’s status as one of the most buzzworthy stars of his time.

The future is unwritten for Travis Scott, but if he is able to maintain the momentum that he has currently, he is well on his way to becoming one of the wealthiest musicians of the decade.