This Superfood is One of Taylor Swift’s Keys to Weight Loss

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Her stage shows are true feats of endurance, requiring the singer to run, sprint, dance, and shake it for hours on end — all while staying perfectly in tune with her songs.

While many stars might rely on backup dancers to carry much of their onstage performance, Swift likes to work hard to stay in perfect shape for her pop star lifestyle. 

How does Taylor Swift stay in shape?

Taylor Swift on the red carpet
Taylor Swift | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Taylor Swift definitely puts in work at the gym in order to keep her lean, trim figure. Swift is fond of regular cardio sessions to help build endurance and regularly puts in work on the elliptical or treadmill. Swift is also a known fan of the “Body by Simone” workouts.

The workouts burn calories through a series of movements that target many different areas of the body. Participants in the classes (which Swift attends in New York City on a regular basis) are encouraged to dance and move to the beat, having fun as they tone up. 

Swift isn’t a gym rat, and it is clear that when it comes to getting her exercise in, she prefers to do fun workouts that incorporate elements of her performances. 

What is Taylor Swift’s diet?

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While exercise is important, diet also plays a huge role in staying fit. Taylor Swift follows a basic, realistic eating plan that encourages her to eat like a “normal” person. She has revealed that during the week, she tries to generally eat as healthy as possible, opting for salads and light sandwiches over heavy entrees like pasta or burgers.

For breakfast, Swift likes to eat a hearty meal of buckwheat pancakes and a fried egg, in order to give herself the energy to fully attack the day – no lemon water and puny fruit cup for the hardworking singer. 

Still, on the weekends, Swift likes to indulge herself with “comfort foods” like pizza, wine, and cookies from her favorite bakery in New York. The singer loves to cook at home and is a talented home chef, preferring recipes from Ina Garten.

Swift is also a Starbucks aficionado and treats herself throughout the week with her signature drink — the skinny vanilla latte, a sugar-free drink that still has a jolt of sweetness. She balances out her caffeine habit with lots of water and reportedly drinks around 10 bottles of water every day. 

Taylor Swift’s secret weapon for weight loss

Although Taylor Swift seems to stay slim and trim at all times, there are certain occasions when Swift feels the need to really cut calories. When she is trying to lose weight, Swift turns to chia seeds. Chia seeds are tiny, gray seeds that don’t look impressive at first glance. But when added to water, the seeds expand, making them feel more like a fulfilling snack.

The seeds have some other health benefits as well. Reportedly, they contain a substantial amount of protein, fiber, and B vitamins. 

While they have been touted as a superfood, some experts have pointed out that studies don’t really support chia seeds being used as a tool for weight loss. Plus, they are rather high in calories, so it can be easy to go well over the recommended serving size and inadvertently consume too many calories.

In Taylor Swift’s case, since she is exercising regularly and lives a generally healthy lifestyle, she likely doesn’t turn to chia seeds on a daily basis, but rather, as an occasional dietary aid.