‘Thor 4’: Behind-the-Scenes Photo from Chris Hemsworth Rekindles Fan Hype

Few solo Marvel Cinematic Universe movies had the universal praise that Thor: Ragnarok did. Despite the first two Thor films being widely considered weaker films inside the Marvel universe, Ragnarok was a massive hit financially and critically. Director and writer Taika Waititi was a massive reason for this.

Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, recently rekindled fan hype surrounding the next movie by posting a humorous picture of Waititi sleeping during the first script meeting. 

Thor’s movie journey

Thor was among the first MCU movies to truly explore the outer realms of the universe. While Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and to a lesser degree, Captain America remained on earth, Thor took audiences to a galaxy far away on the planet of Asgard. However, fans didn’t like how little the film explored this concept.

Thor spent time on his planet, but the bulk of the movie took place in a small American town. 

Even the love interest, Jane, played by Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman, felt wasted as the franchise failed to figure out whether it was an intergalactic fantasy movie or a standard superhero one. None of this was fixed when Thor: Dark World came out years later.

However, Hemsworth’s charisma, combined with memorable characters like Loki, made Thor ripe for new interpretations

When Waititi took over, the film took a different turn. Most of the film did not take place on earth but on Asgard and several other planets. Furthermore, the film was filled with just as much great comedy, with performances by Tessa Thompson, Jeff Goldblum, and Waititi himself adding some fun to the mix as Thor fought Cate Blanchett’s Hela. 

With Waititi returning and Portman coming back to the franchise that wasted her so egregiously before, Thor: Love & Thunder might be the most anticipated solo outing since Black Panther. Hemsworth’s recent social media post showed precisely why this is. 

Hemsworth posts a picture sparking ‘Thor 4’ excitement

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Hemsworth posted a comedic look at the first script meeting not with a behind the scenes photo of him and his castmates, but of Waititi sleeping in a heavily-wrapped blanket while others sit around. Fans on Reddit commented on the picture, which rekindled an old meme of Waititi sleeping on the set of his movies. 

User u/Quilled claimed that naps are always built into Waititi’s schedule, as they help him.

“Apparently, he has mid-day naps built into the schedule when they’re filming. He needs it to keep his energy up.”

Other uses, such as u/GTSBurner had some fun with the fact that Portman is rumored to be taking over the hammer in the new movie. 

“Not pictured: Natalie Portman off to the left, doing bicep curls and drinking protein shakes.”

U/-eimaj- used the opportunity to ask about the film’s reported villain, Christian Bale, who has signed onto the movie in an undisclosed role. 

“Still haven’t seen any comments from Bale. I’m fascinated as to what he saw in the script that made him wanna join the MCU since he is incredibly picky. He has snubbed Marvel for years but all of a sudden he wants to be the villain in a Thor movie.”

Regardless of what the picture did to fans, it’s clear that it rekindled their need for new content. Now, they just have to wait for the film to be made. 

When does ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ come out?

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth | Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

Fans don’t have to wait too long for the new Thor movie to drop. It is currently set to be released in February of 2022.

With Hemsworth returning and reported major roles for Thompson, Portman, Bale, and the rest of the cast, the movie should be what fams need after the last sequel. Now, they just need Waititi to stay awake long enough to make the film reality.