Throwback Video Shows Queen Elizabeth II Saving Prince William From a Moving Carriage

Royal fans saw Prince Louis being a rambunctious 4-year-old during Queen Elizabeth II‘s Platinum Jubilee. Well turns out his dad was too. A video of the queen keeping up with a 4-year-old Prince William is recirculating online. The unearthed video, which surfaced in 2019, has been making the rounds again and fans love seeing the monarch’s grandmotherly instincts kick in as she chased after William to keep him from getting injured.

Queen Elizabeth II, who was seen on video saving a young Prince William from a moving carriage, laughing as they watch a parade at 'The Patron's Lunch'
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William laughing as they watch a parade at ‘The Patron’s Lunch’ | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Prince William was a pageboy at Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding

The year was 1986, the date was July 23, and the event where Prince William almost got into harm’s way before his grandmother rescued him was Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding.

The prince was a pageboy and rode in a carriage to Westminster Abbey with a few other youngsters and his Uncle Prince Edward.

The future king waved to the crowds lining the streets as he went by and looked to be enjoying himself. But after the royal wedding ceremony, he gave his grandmother a bit of a scare.

A young Prince William waving as he rides in royal carriage to the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson
A young Prince William waving as he rides in royal carriage to the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson | Sahm Doherty/Getty Images

Video shows Queen Elizabeth grabbing Prince William as he goes after the carriage

Following the nuptials a then 60-year-old monarch, along with several other royals and well-wishers, stood behind a horse-drawn carriage to see Andrew and Sarah off.

As the Duke and Duchess of York pulled away, William started running after the carriage. The queen saw her grandson get dangerously close and was afraid he would get hurt so she quickly ran after him, grabbed his hand, and brought him back to safety.

Princess Margaret was also seen running behind to keep an eye on a young Zara Philips and Princess Diana was nearby as well.

Fans reacted to the footage of the queen running after her grandson

The video has thousands of comments from fans who have never seen that side of Queen Elizabeth before.

“She’s the queen, but it’s good to remember she’s a Mama bear too!” one fan commented.

“All I see is grandmama chasing after her grandson. I think at that moment, she had the thought of keeping her grandkid from harm’s way rather than the nation from possibly losing a future monarch,” a second person remarked.

Another recalled when it happened writing: “I remember this. It was touching that even the queen is still a grandma. You bet, the queen runs EVERYBODY runs.”

“I love the motherly instinct way she automatically runs forward grabbing Williams hand, but then instantly, looking left to right, gains composure, ” a fourth person added.

“What’s cute is that Princess Margaret immediately reacts and runs too,” another noted.

And as one fan summed it up with: “She is now Gan Gan to his three children. They are a beautiful family.”

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