‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’: Why This Couple Will Never Return to Chaos

Marie Kondo
Marie Kondo | Marie Kondo via Instagram

The latest Netflix phenomenon to sweep the nation comes in the form of a diminutive woman with personality to spare. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo premiered on Netflix in early January 2019, and has quickly become the not-so-guilty viewing pleasure of thousands.

Kondo is a lifestyle guru who practices the KonMari method, a decluttering practice that helps overwhelmed families to get control of their belongings and create a home that they are proud to live in. But does the space stay clean and tidy after Kondo works her magic? According to one couple, the Kondo effect is not only immediate – it’s permanent. 

What is the KonMari method?

The KonMari method definitely didn’t start with the Netflix series. In fact, Marie Kondo already had a bestselling book to her name, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. In the book and the show, Kondo explains that the KonMari method isn’t just a checklist – it is a set of principles that help those that follow it to completely organize their whole house by utilizing a minimalist approach. 

The method encourages people to focus on five specific categories when tidying up: clothes, books, papers, Kimono (random items), and sentimental objects. By following the KonMari method, you would look at each item that you are purging, consider it’s value to your life and how it makes you feel, and determine whether it “sparks joy.” Of course, the ultimate idea is that your living space is filled with only those things that help you to feel relaxed, happy, and proud.

The first ‘Tidying Up’ couple 


The Friend family was the very first one featured on Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Prior to Kondo’s arrival, their house was filled to the brim with clutter of all varieties, creating a space that caused chaos and stress. Rachel Friend recently dished to Cosmopolitan about her experience on the show, claiming that the experience of filming the show was actually incredibly enjoyable and that through Kondo’s example, they have been able to successfully follow the KonMari method on their own since her departure. 

One specific trouble spot for the Friend family that stood out to Kondo during her time organizing their home was the massive amount of laundry that the family seemed to deal with. It was a neverending cycle that they couldn’t seem to break.

However, by paring down the amount of clothing that each family member uses, and by following the KonMari folding techniques, Friend says that they have actually managed to let go of the hired help (brought on specifically to help with the massive amount of laundry) and do it all themselves. They are living proof that it is very possible to follow Marie Kondo’s methods on a daily basis.

Everyday organization techniques

Marie Kondo has never claimed to be perfect and admits that her house gets cluttered on occasion as well. However, by following a few Kondo-approved methods, you can get your messy spaces under control and feel more zen in your home. Marie Kondo recommends visualizing what you wish your home would look like in a perfectly organized state – this might help you get rid of useless clutter and more actively work towards your ultimate goal. 

Another one of Kondo’s secrets: thinking about your objects as living things. Would they be happy with the state they are in? If the answer is no, consider stacking or sorting everything more neatly, so that they can “breathe.” The most important KonMari tip – commit to the process. Set a goal, stick to it, and your home will soon spark joy for you in every way!