‘Tiger King’: Fans Are Trashing Jeff Lowe’s ‘Hot Nanny’ He Shared on Instagram

Netflix’s docuseries, Tiger King, follows the life of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park owner Joe Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic. Maldonado-Passage had a serious love of tigers and a strong hatred for Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin. And the documentary highlights the ins and outs of Maldonado-Passage’s relationships with others who helped and hurt his business.

Jeff Lowe met Maldonado-Passage back in 2015, and he invested in the G.W. zoo when he found out about Maldonado-Passage’s dire financial situation. Now, we know Lowe and his wife, Lauren Dropla, plan on opening a zoo of their own. But Lowe’s relationship with his wife has certainly raised eyebrows, as there’s also talk that he wanted a good-looking nanny to help around his home. Now that Lowe has posted photo evidence of the nanny, fans are dragging him.

Jeff Lowe and Lauren Dropla married and have a baby together

Early on in Tiger King, Lowe makes it known that he physically abused and strangled his wife, Kathy Lowe, Fansided reminds us. It seems Lowe committed these acts against his then-wife because she was unhappy that his mistress, Lauren Dropla, was in the picture. Now, we know Lowe and Dropla are married, according to The State. And they also have since had a child.

We don’t hear much about Lowe and Dropla’s home life. But we do know that Dropla adored the tigers. The Cinemaholic notes she said she treated the animals as if they were her own children. And, while she’s much younger than Lowe and less experienced in his business practices, she’s still assisting in the opening of the Oklahoma Zoo, which was slated for a Spring 2020 opening. Unfortunately, the current coronavirus (COVID-19) scare has pushed the opening back further.

Lowe noted he wanted an attractive nanny for the household

In Tiger King, Dropla and Lowe discuss hiring a nanny for their household, Distractify reminds us. And Lowe notes that he’d allow a nanny under one condition: He got to choose who it was.

“I said you can get a nanny as long as I get to pick her,” Lowe tells the cameras with Dropla laughing by his side. He then shows the camera a photo of a young and beautiful model on his phone. “If you’re gonna bring in one, why bring in one that’s not enjoyable to look at. I mean, you’re gonna have to have this person living in your home.”

Dropla notes many of the potential nannies were also “multilingual or bilingual,” which was a perk for the baby.

As for who the nanny is, her name is Masha Diduk. As for her experience raising kids, we’re not sure — but it’s well-known that she’s a model. And there’s also a suspicion that Lowe and Dropla aren’t actually sincere when they talk about her nannying for their household.

Fans of the show are trashing Lowe’s photo of the nanny on Instagram

It looks like Lowe and Dropla are proudly sharing photos of Diduk on the Oklahoma Zoo Instagram. On March 27, they added a photo of all three of them with the caption, “Our #hotnanny is here!!”

We’re not sure if their caption is in jest, but many followers took to the comments to bash the couple.

“That sh*t is embarrassing. Your poor wife pretending to like it all,” one follower commented.

To that, the zoo’s Instagram (presumably Dropla) commented back, “I love it all.”

“She isn’t a nanny. She’s a model out of a New York agency,” another wrote. “Nothing but a money grab and I can’t wait for karma to get you.”

“This is shameful. Profiting off the downfall of others and brazenly posting your new ‘hot nanny,'” another added. “This is embarrassing to mankind. Just stop!”

We doubt Dropla and Lowe will stop posting anytime soon, especially since they’re getting more attention than ever with Tiger King. We’ll be interested to hear more about their family as it all unfolds.

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