TikTok Star, Ophelia Nichols, Asks Community for Help After Her Son’s Murder

TikTok star Ophelia Nichols, who goes by the username Shoelover99, has spent the last two years uploading daily videos intended to uplift the spirits of all those who happen upon them. Now, the social media influencer is asking her followers for help. Nichols took to the platform to tell her followers that her youngest son, Randon Lee, was murdered. She is asking the community for help finding the perpetrator. 

Who is TikTok star Ophelia Nichols? 

Ophelia Nichols, better known as Shoelover99 or MommaTot, has spent the last two years uploading more than 16,000 videos to TikTok. In her videos, the mother of four responds to followers’ questions, duets creators who appear to be struggling and shares words of wisdom from her own life and struggles. Her more than 7 million followers love her content for its wholesome and uplifting vibes.

Ophelia Nichols also offers her fans a mix of comedy videos, where she shares stories from her life in Mobile, Alabama. While the mother of four often shares stories and photos of her husband, Derick Nichols, on TikTok, she does not regularly feature her adult children in videos. They do make appearances on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, though.  

Nichols’ son, Randon Lee, was shot and killed on June 24

Ophelia Nichols took to TikTok on Saturday, June 25, to address her millions of followers. The video’s tone was significantly different than Nichols’ previous clip, which showed the influencer enjoying a vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. In the emotional posting, Nichols told her fan base that her youngest son was shot and killed on Friday, June 24, just one day shy of his 19th birthday.  

According to Fox10, a young adult was shot on Saint Stephens Road in Prichard, Alabama, around 7:45 pm on June 24. According to reports, the victim was shot at a gas station and traveled across the road to another gas station. He later died from his injuries. Police have not provided any further information. Ophelia Nichols confirmed Lee was the victim of the homicide. Lee is Nichols’ youngest child. 

Have police made an arrest in Randon Lee’s shooting death? 

Police are currently investigating the shooting that took Lee’s life. So far, police have not made an arrest. A pinned comment suggests police might be on to something, though. In Nichols’ emotional plea, she pinned a comment letting her follower know that the police had a lead on two persons of interest. She has not returned to TikTok since uploading the video on Saturday.

Thousands of users have shared Nichols’ story, with several influential content creators stitching her video to help spread awareness. Nichols and other influencers are asking anyone with information about the shooting to contact the authorities. 

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