TikTok Users Exposed Kendall Jenner’s Secret for Getting a Table at Fully Booked Restaurants

Celebrities do not always eat at the same places as regular people. Many fans are probably aware that there are a number of exclusive restaurants that celebrities love to frequent. Of course, it can sometimes be hard to make reservations at these spots as they are often fully booked. However, some TikTok users have discovered a few tips and tricks that Kendall Jenner reportedly uses to bypass these restrictions.

Fans discovered that simply using Kendall Jenner’s name can get them a reservation at fully booked restaurants

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Back in May, a TikTok user named @nnsummerfield posted a video that went viral on the platform. “That time we got a reservation at one of LA’s most exclusive restaurants on a Saturday night by pretending to be Kendall Jenner,” the caption said.

In the video, a girl could be seen talking on the phone to, presumably, someone from the restaurant. She said, “Hi I’d like to make a reservation for 7:30 for two.”

The hostess from the restaurant responded and informed her that they were “booked for the entire evening.”

However, when the girl said, “It’s for Kendall Jenner,” the hostess paused before asking, “How many people?”

Many folks in the comments were impressed, though they also wondered whether the restaurant had to cancel anyone else’s reservation in order to make room for “Kendall Jenner.”

Another TikTok user found out some restaurants require a password to reserve under ‘Kendall Jenner’

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner | Gisela Schober/WireImage

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The video posted by @nnsummerfield quickly made its way around TikTok as well as other social media sites. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in late July, another user tried the trick only to run into a roadblock.

User @lmalikk allegedly called the popular Japanese restaurant Nobu, which is a hotspot among the rich and famous, asking for a “table for 2.”

When the restaurant hostess told her there would only be a table available at “either 6 or 6:30,” @lmalikk decided to pull the “Kendall Jenner” card.

“OK, um, it’s for Kendall Jenner,” she said.

The hostess quickly responded, “OK, can I get the password, please?”

User @lmalikk captioned the video with, “Too many ppl tried this trend that Kendall Jenner put a password Nobu,” but it seems that Nobu already had the password for a while now. In the comment section of @nnsummerfield’s video, she told someone back in May, “When we called Nobu, they asked for a keyword. But Catch [another restaurant] didn’t.”

Kendall Jenner reportedly has a negative reputation with some restaurant staff

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Although it isn’t too surprising that restaurants would like to accommodate celebrities and high-profile patrons, there are rumors that not every restaurant staff is eager to wait on Jenner herself.

In mid-July, TikTok user @juliacarolann posted two videos rating celebrities she encountered as a waitress in New York City. In one video, she gave Jenner 4 out of 10.

“She used to come in all the time and was pretty cold toward staff,” @juliacarolann said. “She also usually has someone speak for her and doesn’t speak directly toward staff.”

However, the TikTok user also wanted to “give her the benefit of the doubt” and chalk that behavior up to Jenner being shy.