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Tom Cruise Ate Chocolate Cake For 3 Days Straight While Filming ‘The Outsiders’ — ‘I Was Vomiting’

Tom Cruise had to do a ton of takes while filming one particular scene in the 1983 film 'The Outsiders.' During the scene he's required to eat chocolate cake, which meant he had to eat nothing but chocolate cake for 3 days straight while filming.

Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actors to ever enter the movie business. With a career spanning four decades, he’s starred in a slew of successful movies from Top Gun to Mission Impossible

Cruise has frequently played physically-demanding roles and often does his own stunts, but surprisingly, one of his most challenging on-set tasks had nothing to do with an action flick. 

While filming The Outsiders, Cruise had to consume chocolate cake for three days straight, which made him seriously sick. 

Tom Cruise had to eat cake for 3 days straight while shooting ‘The Outsiders’

Tom Cruise attends the European premiere of "Rock Of Ages" at Odeon Leicester Square in London, England
Tom Cruise attends the European premiere of “Rock Of Ages” at Odeon Leicester Square in London, England | Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

Cruise shared the details behind the traumatic experience during a recent interview with the Graham Norton Show.

“I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to eat chocolate cake in this scene,” Cruise said. “I could get away, we had bets going on with the other actors and I thought … ‘cause I had to do it in the scene, it’s part of the character, I’m going to eat chocolate cake. We ended up shooting this scene for three days, we did like 100 takes of me eating chocolate cake, and I had to keep eating it.”

He ended up getting sick from all of the cake

When he first started shooting the scene, Cruise couldn’t have been more excited to have an endless supply of chocolate cake.

“The first couple of takes, I was like ‘this is so good, it was so moist.'”

However, by the 100th take, he could barely stand the taste of chocolate. 

“And then it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, did we get it?’ Three days of Francis [Ford Coppola] saying: ‘Let’s do it again.’ I was in sugar shock, I was vomiting.”

He made another big mistake while filming ‘Color of Money’


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Unfortunately, Cruise’s early-career struggles didn’t end there. While working on Color of Money, he selected a summer wardrobe for a movie that was filming in the winter. 

“We were shooting Color of Money in Chicago … I was there and I tried my wardrobe on in the summer” Cruise said. “And I was like, ‘I’m gonna have a leather jacket, t-shirt. I’m gonna have my hair blown back, it’s guaranteed up to 90 miles an hour.”

As many people know, Chicago is extremely cold in the wintertime. Cruise ended up getting so cold that he couldn’t even talk. 

“And there I am in January, and I’m shooting this scene, and I remember in the script, it was like outside,” Cruise said. “I didn’t think about the wardrobe, I was like, ‘Yeah, it looks great.’ And I am doing this scene … and it’s so cold I can’t even speak.”

Paul Newman taunted him about his mistake

To make matters worse, Cruise’ co-star Paul Newman was bundled up and cozy throughout the entirety of filming. Newman made sure to let Cruise know not to make the same mistake twice. 

“He had the warm coat, he had the heater in there, but it was an electric heater,” Cruise recalled. “And he just loved the fact that he’s driving this car, and he’s got the electric heater, the warm coat, and I’m in the t-shirt. He looked at me, he was like, ‘T-shirt. You tried your wardrobe on in the summer didn’t you?’ I was like, ‘I sure did.’ He’s like, ‘Watch and learn.’”