Tom Cruise’s Worst Rated Movie of All Time Is Surprisingly Not ‘The Mummy’

Tom Cruise is a talented actor, and his latest movie is proof. Top Gun: Maverick opened with $126 million at the box office, making it his best opening weekend ever. While his star power can help a movie experience unimaginable commercial success, sometimes his charm isn’t enough to save a film and its script.

While many people think of 2017’s The Mummy as one of his poorest, Cruise’s worst-rated movie is surprisingly not the fantasy action-adventure film.

The best of Tom Cruise’s movies

Cruise has proven time and again that he is an evergreen star. The actor’s projects usually do excellently at the box office. Let’s take a look at some of his biggest hits at the box office and their opening weekend gross, and yes, Top Gun: Maverick is on the list.

The Firm dropped in 1993 and featured a star-studded cast including Ed Harris and Holly Hunter. The movie grossed a respectable $25.4 million in its opening weekend. The film earned a worldwide gross of $270.2 million on a $42 million budget.

Minority Report comes in second with an impressive $35.6 million and $358.4 million worldwide gross on a $102 million budget. It wouldn’t be a complete list of Cruise’s biggest hits without the Mission: Impossible franchise, which helps the actor stand atop a $3 billion empire.

Mission: Impossible had the strongest opening weekend with $75 million and $457 million gross. Fallout followed closely with $61 million and the highest earnings in the franchise of $791 million. Rogue Nation earned $55 million on its opening weekend and $680 million.

His 1994 film Interview With The Vampire earned $36 million when it debuted and $223.7 million worldwide. War of the Worlds earned $64.8 million on its opening weekend and $603.9 million worldwide. Top Gun: Maverick tops the list with an impressive $126.7 million opening weekend, with its box office nearing a billion dollars.

Tom Cruise’s lowest-rated movie, according to critics

Actor Tom Cruise as a barman in the 1988 film Cocktail
Tom Cruise in the 1988 film Cocktail | Mondadori via Getty Images

Cocktail follows Cruise’s character, Brian, as he tries to make it as a bartender. He falls in love with a woman named Jordan, but his friend Doug convinces him to cheat on her while she is pregnant. Brian pursues Jordan relentlessly, and they get back together and have more children. He is also finally able to achieve his dreams of starting a bar and hopes to open franchises.

The 1988 film has an unfortunate score on the review-aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. It gave the film a 9% rating, with critics panning it. Jack Garner of Gannett News Service said, “Ultimately the ideas in this film fall as flat as stale beer, and honest emotions are as watered down as cheap whiskey.” Another critic wrote, “If they gave you this in a bar, you’d send it back.”

Cocktail made The Mummy Cruise’s second lowest-rated movie, with a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tom Cruise’s lowest-rated movie according to audiences

Although critics hated Cocktail, audiences enjoyed it, giving it a 58% score. However, viewers hated his 1982 movie Losin’ It giving it a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Losin’ It is a comedy that centers around four teenagers trying to lose their virginity.

One reviewer called the movie “unfunny, misogynistic, plotless and characterless garbage” and gave it a 1-star rating. Another person wrote, “Losin’ It is a mess of a film that does not work at all.” However, one audience member saw redeeming qualities writing, “The plot kinda goes off the rails but there’s some laughs.”

Losin’ It also effectively placed The Mummy in second place as the lowest-rated movie by audiences with a 35% audience score against Losin’ It‘s 28% score.

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