Tom Hiddleston Reveals the Biggest Differences Between Loki in 2011 and 2021

Tom Hiddleston has been playing the role of Loki for quite some time. Since becoming a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe way back in 2011’s Thor, he’s reprised his role as the god of mischief in several Marvel films and become a fan favorite. 

Hiddleston’s new TV series, Loki, recently premiered on Disney+, and the show features his iconic character in a completely different light. He’s stepped out of the shadow of his brother, Thor, and fans are able to see a completely different side of the infamous antihero. 

As most things do, Hiddleston’s character has changed significantly over the years. Now that he’s played the role for more than a decade, he’s able to reflect on his early days of playing Loki and point out specific ways the character has evolved. 

Tom Hiddleston can’t believe he’s played the same character for 11 years 

Tom Hiddleston of Marvel Studios' 'Loki' at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2019 Marvel Studios Panel
Tom Hiddleston of Marvel Studios’ ‘Loki’ at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2019 Marvel Studios Panel | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

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Hiddleston’s first role as Loki was in Thor, but he’s also been in films such as The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. Looking back on his prolific Marvel career during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, he could hardly believe that he’s done so much with one character. 

“I’ve been playing this character for 11 years,” he said. “Which is the first time I have said that sentence, I realize, and it [blows] my mind. I don’t know what percentage that is exactly of my 40 years of being alive, but it’s substantial.”

He says viewers have become more interested in Loki’s vulnerability and brokenness 

Over the years, Loki has evolved in many ways. During a separate interview with Jake’s Takes, he was asked what the biggest difference between Loki of 2011 and Loki of 2021 is, and he had a few interesting takes. 

“I supposed in 2011 … Kenneth Branagh, who directed that film, and Don Payne, who wrote it, had built this character as a very fragile young man facing a lot of uncertainty and not dealing with it very well, and was very vulnerable and broken,” Hiddleston said. “And I wondered if that would capture the imagination of the audience. I suppose the difference is that I now know that lots of people have found that aspect of him really interesting. 

After thinking on it a bit longer, Hiddleston also noted that Loki has become a lot more knowledgeable of who he is, as well as what his flaws and strengths are. He didn’t forget to point out that Loki has become a Marvel fan favorite, as well. 

“Over time he’s become more self-aware, perhaps … I don’t know, maybe that’s just the nature of getting older … I think that’s it, really,” Hiddleston noted. “And maybe he’s more well-known. People seem to sort of … Here’s something, I know for sure there are more dogs and cats in the world called ‘Loki,’ than there were.” Hiddleston added. 

Fans will have to tune in to Loki on Disney+ for the next month and a half to see all the ways in which the god of mischief has changed.