Tom Holland Has a Wild Plan to Put His Brother in Every Movie He Makes

Tom Holland is a major movie star on the rise and doesn’t look to be taking a break anytime soon. In addition to Cherry, which hits Apple TV+ on March 12, he also continues to play Peter Parker in the latest Spider-Man series and will play the lead, Nathan Drake, in next year’s film version of the hit video game franchise, Uncharted.

Holland’s also not one to keep all that success to himself, it seems. In a recent interview, the British actor revealed a cheeky and ambitious plan to create a fun running thread throughout every film he makes.

Who is Tom Holland’s brother?

Tom Holland (R) and brother Harry Holland in front of a chain-link fence
(L-R): Harry Holland and Tom Holland seen at ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on December 04, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. | RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

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Holland has three younger brothers, twins Sam and Harry, and the youngest, Patrick. All three have, to varying degrees, done acting work, showing that the showbiz bug might just be genetic.

However, it’s Harry Holland who’s important to this particular story. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, the older Holland revealed that Harry has a minor role in his latest film, Cherry, as a sketchy drug-dealer credited only as “The Shaky Kid.” Evidently, working together on the Russo-Brothers-directed film got the siblings thinking.

“So we kind of have this idea in every film I would be in that Harry would reprise his role as ‘The Shaky Kid,'” Holland explained. “So he is back again [for Spider-Man: No Way Home] in his own sort of weird MCU cinematic universe cameo as the ecstasy-dealing shaky kid.”

It had been reported earlier, by outlets like Buzzfeed, that Harry Holland might have a small role in the next Spider-Man film, with set photos showing him strung up by webs. Little did anyone know at the that this role would be a ne’er-do-well drug dealer who is poised to make appearances in all of his older brother’s films going forward.

“In this scene, he gets flipped upside down,” Holland continued. “Spider-Man webs him upside down. And then he’s swinging back and forth while I’m having an argument with someone he’s kind of swinging through frame. I’ve obviously done that for years, being upside down is second nature for me now, so I know how difficult it can be. So, in the beginning of the day, I was like making the takes extra, extra long just to see how long it would take before he’d blacked out.”

Harry Holland previously played a member of the Royal Family

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While not nearly as extensive as his older brother’s, Harry Holland has a respectable little filmography, per IMDb. Most notably, in 2013, he played a very young Prince Harry in the poorly-received biopic, Diana, which featured Naomi Watts as the titular Lady Spencer.

He’s also, at the tender age of just 22, directed several short films. One of them, Roses for Lily, stars the other Holland brothers, Sam and Patrick, and is featured above.