Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Could Boast 3 Different Romances in the MCU Before He Exits the Franchise

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Captain America: Civil War. Swinging onto the scene as Underoos, he quickly landed a standalone installment with Homecoming: the movie that introduced his love interest Michelle Jones (Zendaya). Paying homage to Mary Jane (with the same initials), the character alluded to the original comic book tale, yet strayed from the tired damsel in distress interpretation. 

Tom Holland Spider-Man MCU
Tom Holland and Zendaya, ‘Spider-Man’ and Michelle Jones in the MCU | MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

In the MCU, Michelle Jones is a bit socially awkward, yet quick-tongued and shrewd. Michelle Jones deduced Peter Parker’s superhero identity by attending to his whereabouts in times of crisis and discovered Mysterio’s fraudulence. And, let us not forget, she frequently places Parker on his toes during verbal skirmishes (which are always amusing). The character is a fun refresh and a much-appreciated variation on Mary Jane. However, if recent rumors turn out to be true, she may not be Spidey’s only love in the MCU.

Piecing together recent insider reports and narratives from the comics that may be coming to the screen, Tom Holland’s Spidey may have two more romantic flings before exiting the franchise. So, who are the other two loves coming his way? Well, Mary Jane will likely appear first.

The “Real” Mary Jane may be coming to the MCU in ‘Spider-Man 3’ 

Rumor has it that Mary Jane may be joining the MCU in Spider-Man 3. If this leak turns out to be true — one from the same sources who knew She-Hulk was coming to Disney+ and Marvel was eyeing Daniel Radcliffe for Moon Knight — a love triangle may be on the horizon. 

Mary Jane’s name carries too much weight for a quick cameo. If she comes into the MCU, there will be an associated subplot  — one that likely focuses on stealing Peter’s heart. Michelle Jones and Peter Parker will likely break up to make way for the traditional Marvel narrative that Mary Jane’s name is one with. 

While Mary Jane may come to threaten Parker and Jones’ relationship, it will all be for the better if Michelle Jones realizes she has the detective skills to be a super…Spider-Woman, anyone? 

Kitty Pryde may be coming to the MCU when the ‘X-Men’ finally make their entrance 

According to We Got This Covered, Marvel is looking to cast a person of color as Kitty Pryde when the X-Men finally join the MCU. While the mutant team is a pipedream as of now, with no new mutant confirmations for Phase 4, Kitty Pryde’s entrace could impact Parker’s future. 

In the comics, Pryde and Parker develop a romance during a team-up mission, which (given the MCU’s fondness for grand mash-ups) doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. If Mary Jane comes first, the story fans know and love can come to the surface before the MCU abandons the typical narratives once more, presenting a comic book tale that Sony has yet to weave. 

Seeing Spidey transition through different loves in the MCU would be a needed change of pace, for there’s always one girl. And, at such a young age, dating around may be a little more realistic. Maybe he can meet Pryde on a superhero dating app, as he is struggling to get over Mary Jane and watching Michelle Jones kick butt without him.