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NBC’s The Voice Season 24 Playoffs continue, and fans can’t wait to see who makes it to the Live Shows. Coaches Reba McEntire, Gwen Stefani, Niall Horan, and John Legend are whittling down their teams. Unfortunately, contestant Tom Nitti had to leave early, though his exit wasn’t explained on the show. Here’s what he said about his departure.

‘The Voice’ Season 24 contestant Tom Nitti exited the competition during the Playoffs

The Voice Season 24 Playoffs continued on Monday, Nov. 27, 2023. Each coach will choose four contestants to move forward to the Live Shows, where fans then get to vote for their favorites to move on each week. Unfortunately, one contestant chose to leave the competition early. The Voice Season 24 singer Tom Nitti from Team Reba McEntire wasn’t present for the Playoffs on Nov. 27.

McEntire announced Nitti’s departure at the start of the show. “I have wonderfully talented people, but Tom had to leave for personal reasons, so I only have five artists tonight,” McEntire explained. Host Carson Daly also noted that Nitti left for “personal reasons,” but neither the coach nor the host elaborated.

Nitti is from New Hartford, New York, and put his aspirations to become a musician aside for the military. He was awarded a Purple Heart following his service in Afghanistan. Now, he trains troopers at the New York State Police Academy.

The remainder of the episode went on as usual. She brought back Ms. Monét with her Super Save, a new season feature. Ms. Monét sang “Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do)” by Aretha Franklin, wowing McEntire.

Why did Tom Nitti leave? He wrote a cryptic post on Instagram

'The Voice' Season 24 mega mentor Wynonna Judd with Alison Albrecht and Reba McEntire as they coach Jacquie Roar and Tom Nitti
Wynonna Judd, Alison Albrecht, Reba McEntire, Jacquie Roar and Tom Nitti | Greg Gayne/NBC via Getty Images

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The Voice Season 24 Playoff episode didn’t detail Tom Nitti’s early departure. And we would’ve loved to see if he made it to the Live Shows to live out his music dreams. Nitti posted about leaving the show on Instagram and gave a clue as to why he chose to leave.

“As much as it absolutely stings to say, I had to make probably one of the hardest yet easiest decisions ever, and ultimately, at the end of the day, my kids will always come first, and if I had to make the same decision again I’d do it over and over,” he wrote. “This past summer was filled to the max with everything I love and could’ve only dreamed of, and thanks to @nbcthevoice, I was able to live my wildest dreams and do what I’ve always hoped.”

Nitti added that he wished he could tag every person who helped him “through the tough times” while he filmed the show.

“This isn’t the end of me, and I’ll do what I do best for everyone to see, which is keep my head down and move forward playing music and raising/creating new memories with a family I will continue to grow,” he continued. “I never believed in the whole things happen for a reason statement, but in this case, I think God has it all figured out.”

‘The Voice’ Season 24 Live Shows air after the Playoffs end

While The Voice Season 24 won’t feature Tom Nitti moving forward, fans still look forward to the Live Shows. The Playoffs continue on Nov. 28, 2023, with the Live Shows beginning on Monday, Dec. 4, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET. The top 12 artists will perform on Dec. 4, and fans will finally get to vote for who continues.  

The Voice Season 24 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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