Tom Selleck Said It Was ‘Cool’ to Be Paid to Flirt With This TV Icon

One of the perks of being an actor is working with some attractive people. Tom Selleck talked about getting paid to flirt with an icon. He also reflected on getting fired from her show, Charlie’s Angels.

Tom Selleck said it was ‘cool’ to be paid to flirt with this TV icon

Tom Selleck smiles as he sits on stage of "Build" Series n a buttoned shirt and jacket.
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Selleck guest-starred on Charlie’s Angels in an episode called “Target: Angels.” Kelly (Jaclyn Smith), Jill (Farrah Fawcett), and Sabrina (Kate Jackson) stay at Charlie’s mansion after someone tries to murder them. The actor revealed to Entertainment Tonight the role of Dr. Alan Samuelson was supposed to last longer than one episode.

“I was gonna be Jackie’s boyfriend,” Selleck explained. “I knew Farrah ‘cause I did a wine commercial with her. I was paid to flirt with Farrah Fawcett for two days. That was cool.” 

The commercial showed Selleck pouring a glass of wine for Fawcett. “I met him at a party,” she said. “I was having Dubonnet on the rocks, and he called me a little ‘Ol’ lady.’” Selleck is then seen having a drink with her, picking her up as she puts a hat on him and talking to her as she enjoys her drink.

The actors also had their own famous posters around this time. They were brought up in the interview. “I liked hers better,” Selleck said, laughing. 

Selleck addressed how his Charlie’s Angels character was in just one episode. “But now I’m working with Jackie, who was terrific, and I thought it went fine. But they decided to not bring my character back,” he said.

Selleck once said some of his commercials were humiliating

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Not every job is exciting. Selleck admitted some of the commercials he did were humiliating.

“The dialogue was humiliating!” he said, according to TV Insider. “A stewardess comes up and I say, ‘After this flying delicatessen, my fiancée may give me back the ring!’ I blew on my hand, smelled my breath and said, ‘I’d better brush my teeth.’” 

The actor then said, “I thought it was stupid, but they used me in national commercials that paid 10 grand each time they ran.” Selleck still does commercials, but he’s mostly busy with his Blue Bloods role now.

His ‘Blue Bloods’ boss is the one who fired him 

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Selleck appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show and talked about his short time on Charlie’s Angels. The actor revealed he went on to work for the man who pulled the plug on his character.

“They fired me after the first episode,” Selleck said. “My boss on Blue Bloods actually fired me from Charlie’s Angels. I like to kid Leonard [Goldberg] about that.”

It looks like everything worked out in the end. Selleck got a bigger role on a different show many years later.