Tomorrow X Together Release Comforting and Dreamy New EP ‘minisode1 : Blue Hour’

2020 has been a year of growth for K-pop group Tomorrow X Together. On Oct. 26, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai released their new EP, minisode1 : Blue Hour. With the five-track EP, TXT explore the story of teenagers navigating their new reality with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A few hours before the EP’s release, the group held a press conference for invited media to give more insight about the album.

Tomorrow X Together
Tomorrow X Together | Big Hit Entertainment

‘Blue Hour’ is Tomorrow X Together’s newest lead single

Toward the beginning of the press conference, reporters were given the chance to view the music video for “Blue Hour,” the EP’s lead single. In Korean, the song’s title translates to “You and Me that were discovered in the sky at 5:53 p.m.”

“Blue Hour” is a disco-pop track, and during the press conference Yeonjun said that the group hoped to continue the disco fever that BTS, another group managed by Big Hit Entertainment, started with their single “Dynamite.”

The music video for “Blue Hour” shows the members of TXT living in a world of imagination complete with pink clouds, chipmunks wearing sweaters, and giant plants. As night falls, their imaginative world starts to come to an end, and the carousel they were dancing in front of goes dark.

Following the premiere of the music video, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai performed “Blue Hour.” The performance featured energizing choreography, with a signature dance move depicting a clock to coincide with the song’s Korean title.

The members participated in songwriting

minisode1 : Blue Hour features five tracks: “Ghosting,” “5시 53분의 하늘에서 발견한 너와 나 (Blue Hour),” “날씨를 잃어버렸어 (We Lost The Summer),” “Wishlist,” and “하굣길 (Way Home).” With the songs, the members tell the story of teenagers experiencing friendship in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Before releasing minisode1 : Blue Hour, TXT completed their The Dream Chapter album series in May 2020 with their EP The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY. For The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, the members collaborated on writing the song “Maze in the Mirror.”

TXT continued their growth as artists with minisode1 : Blue Hour, and some of the members worked together to write songs on the EP. Soobin and Taehyun wrote “Ghosting,” and Yeonjun, Taehyun, and Huening Kai worked together on “Wishlist.”

What Tomorrow X Together hope MOA take away from the album

For minisode1 : Blue Hour, TXT focused on their relatability. Like everyone else in the world, their plans and daily lives have been affected by the coronavirus. Throughout this year, the Korean band said they have worked hard to stay in touch with their fan base MOA and provide hope and comfort through their music.

The K-pop group incorporated multiple genres with minisode1 : Blue Hour, and as a result, the album gives comfort for these challenging times by both acknowledging feelings about the pandemic and providing dreamy escapism.


TXT Gave Fans a Preview of Their EP ‘minisode1 : Blue Hour’

“We Lost the Summer” focuses on how the coronavirus has changed the daily lives of teenagers. While the song is from the viewpoint of teenagers, the members of TXT feel that people of any age can relate to the message of the song and overall album.

“Perhaps we are loved because the messages in our songs are relatable ones that a lot of people have experienced or will eventually go through,” Soobin said during the press conference.

minisode1 : Blue Hour is a stand-alone EP and acts as the bridge between TXT’s The Dream Chapter album trilogy and their next series.