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Singer Toni Braxton’s luminous appearance and youthful complexion have fans wondering if the Grammy award winner is actually aging in reverse.

Braxton shared a photo on Instagram in a sheer black bodysuit that left fans’ jaws on the ground. “Feeling so good with my new @unclebuds_hemp DOUBLE strength CBD now available at @gnclivewell,” she captioned the post.

Toni Braxton attends the Primary Wave x Island Records Pre-Grammy Party at 1 Hotel
Toni Braxton attends the Primary Wave x Island Records Pre-Grammy Party at 1 Hotel | Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Island Records

Fans took note, commenting, “She is aging backwards!!! 😍😍😍.” She then shared another snap featuring a fun pop of color with red eyelashes and eyeliner. Another fan wrote, “Hi Toni, I have a question for you? Are you aging backwards? Can you share the secrets?”

So is Toni Braxton actually Benjamin Button? She recently shared some of her beauty secrets with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, plus revealed the one thing that helped her get back to what she loves most—performing.

She credits her ageless beauty to the Rose Gold Face Mask

While Braxton’s ageless beauty probably has something to do with genetics, she credits Uncle Bud’s Rose Gold Face Mask for giving her skin that dewy glow. “It’s the facemask, the Rose Gold facemask,” the 52-year old singer laughs. “I promise you I use it every week. Every week I’m putting it on and I love the lip balm. Because girls you know, you gotta have a good lip balm.”

Uncle Bud’s Rose Gold Face Mask is made from organic hemp seed oil that is infused with Moroccan Rose Water. The mask is designed to prevent acne breakouts while the antioxidants provide anti-aging benefits.

She also offered some insight into her latest “red on red” Instagram look. “You know, it was me and my glam squad and my girls and we were like, ‘Let’s try something different.’ It’s a new look and the color lashes. So we thought we’d play that day. So it was a fun thing.”

Braxton says she enjoys exploring new beauty looks and fans may be seeing her experimenting more in the future. “Maybe in a photoshoot,” she says. “Maybe Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar or something like that. You never know.”

Braxton faced lupus head-on

Braxton also uses Uncle Bud’s line to ease pain from lupus. She was diagnosed in 2010 and says when she learned she had the autoimmune disease, she was told it could prevent her from performing.

“I was in a residence in Vegas and I remember not feeling comfortable in my body and not feeling comfortable in my skin,” she recalls. “I was chronically fatigued. Actually, when they told me I had lupus I was kind of relieved.”

Although she was happy to find out what was plaguing her, she said learning more about lupus was scary. But she keeps her head up. “I’m always trying to be positive,” she shares. “There are good days and bad days. I have chronic body pain. With my heart with my blood. Just inflammation all through my body.”

“And being a performer, that can be challenging,” she continued. “That’s the hardest part. Being a performer. Initially, they told me I would never be able to perform. But since I’ve educated myself, I’ve changed my way of eating, my lifestyle and now I’m able to perform.”

Braxton says that CBD may have saved her career

Being diagnosed with lupus meant that Braxton was dealing with a number of medications. In once instance, she was experiencing pain but couldn’t find the topical medication she typically used on her knee.

“I looked under my sink and I’m like, ‘What is this anti-inflammatory thing under my sink? OK, I don’t care I’m going to put it on,'” she recalls. “An hour or so passed and I forgot about it and I’m feeling really great. Like ‘Wow this stuff really works!'”

Braxton had applied one of Uncle Bud’s CBD products and learned that she can manage pain and inflammation naturally. In fact, now everyone in her family uses it. “My kids use it, my mom uses it, my sisters use it, the whole Braxton Family Values clan uses it,” she says. The CBD-based product contains no THC, which makes it “a natural alternative to anti-inflammatory issues that your body can have and the greatest thing for me as a girl is it’s super yummy,” Braxton says. Also, “It smells good!”

Now Braxton is taking far less medication and is busier than ever. She’s dropping a new single next month. “And I’m about to shoot a video and I’ve got to get skinny,” she jokes. “I’ve got to fit into those sample clothes!”