Top 3 Reasons the MCU Won’t Kill Off Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Despite Rumors Suggesting Otherwise

Rumors have been circling Tom Holland’s Spider-Man since the character first appeared in Captain America: Civil War. When the web-slinger was new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, theorists and leakers were taking to the internet to discuss how heavily he would come to impact the evolving landscape. Two standalone installments and a couple of mash-ups later, and the rumor mill has begun marching to a different beat. Alleged leaks now remain fixated on when and how the character will exit the franchise. 

Tom Holland Spider-Man
Tom Holland attends the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ press conference | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Recent reports by We Got This Covered (WGTC) suggest that Miles Morales (first witnessed in the animated splendor Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) may come to take Holland’s place in live-action form down the line, noting that Peter Parker will face his demise sometime after Phase 4. However, there are a few reasons the MCU likely won’t kill off Spidey anytime soon. Let’s dive into the top three reasons. 

1. Spider-Man will likely come to lead the New Avengers when they finally appear on the silver screen 

With the Phase 4 slate already announced, it has become evident that Kevin Feige and Co. are working towards a Young or New Avengers franchise. Hawkeye is about to pass the torch to Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel will receive a TV show on Disney+, and rumor has it that Loki will get trapped in his childhood form during Thor: Ragnarok. Meaning, a new actor will come to portray the character moving forward — a new, much younger character who may come to fight alongside the heroes with the lessons and wisdom akin to an adult former baddie. 

Spider-Man will likely serve as the link holding the New Avengers together (especially if Harley Keener becomes Iron Lad). Spider-Man is the connection to the old heroes, which brings us to the next reason the MCU cannot remove him just yet. 

2. Too much change too fast 

When it comes to determining the face of Marvel, two characters reign supreme — Iron man and Spider-Man, as fans have discussed this in great length online. With Iron Man no longer in the picture, the MCU needs Stark’s protege; they can’t risk losing another beloved hero, as new faces are only as great as the old faces who welcome them in. Spider-Man must be the herald. Spider-Man must be the glue connecting the old and the new. 

3. Mary Jane Watson may be coming to the MCU 

If rumors surrounding Mary Jane Watson’s entrance in the MCU turn out to be true, those behind the Marvel movies have a lot of narratives left before dishing Spider-Man away. Will Parker, Mary Jane, and Michelle Jones enter a love triangle? Will Parker wind up with Mary Jane Watson, leaving Jones flying solo ( to take steps towards becoming Spider-Woman). Whatever the plan is, Spidey will be integral for a bit longer, and Miles Morales will not take the throne anytime soon.