‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Fans Celebrate First Day of Summer With Hunky Behind-the-Scenes Beach Football Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick instantly caught moviegoers’ attention with the trailer’s tease of beach football. The movie would ultimately offer so much more, but that doesn’t mean that the fans are done talking about this iconic moment. Top Gun: Maverick fans are celebrating that June 21, 2022, officially marked the first day of summer with legendary behind-the-scenes beach football pictures that you won’t want to miss.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ puts muscular bodies front-and-center in the beach football scene

'Top Gun: Maverick' Glen Powell as Hangman, who starred in the iconic beach football scene. He's smiling wearing sunglasses and his pilot uniform.
Glen Powell as Hangman | Paramount Pictures

The original Top Gun had its own erotic moments with the beach volleyball scene. Top Gun: Maverick didn’t push quite as far with its beach football sequence, but it’s still enough to get the audience’s attention. It highlights the muscular bodies of the cast and provides an immediate nostalgic nod to the original feature film.

Tom Cruise’s Maverick is having a rough time getting the new crew to work together as a team. As a result, he decides to take a day away from the intense training exercises to allow the pilots to have a day at the beach. Top Gun: Maverick finds them enjoying beach football in the form of a montage that runs through a gorgeous sunset.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ fans celebrated the first day of summer with hunky behind-the-scenes beach football pictures

The official Top Gun: Maverick Twitter page shared the love for the beach football scene. The post contains two pictures that are sure to have jaws hitting the floor. The first showcases Miles Teller, Glen Powell, and Jay Ellis standing shirtless on the beach set. They’re all posing with their sunglasses with filming equipment visible behind them.

The second image shows the Top Gun: Maverick actors doing pushups on the beach set in their sunglasses. They’re doing their pushups in a group that further displays the comradery that they’re trying to display in the movie. The bottom half of a crew member is visible in the background holding the football that they used in the scene.

The status along with the pictures reads: “#FirstDayOfSummer. The #TopGun Way.” Additionally, it credits Ellis as the photographer.

Top Gun: Maverick fans respond to the images, expressing how incredible the movie is. Some of them added how it’s the definition of a summer movie and wrote about how they saw the movie more than once. However, some Top Gun: Maverick fans gushed over the “plot,” referring to the muscular bodies on display.

The movie marks a major summer viewing experience


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Summer is the perfect time of year to head to the movie theater to escape the heat and enjoy a big-screen experience. That’s exactly what inspired some folks to see Top Gun: Maverick, with the beach football scene only further emphasizing the type of blockbuster movie that it is.

The legacy sequel most recently soared past a massive $900 million success at the global box office. The Hollywood Reporter noted that 16% of the audience saw the movie more than once in theaters, while 4% saw it four times or more. This is a massive achievement that furthermore proves why it’s considered to be a major summer viewing experience.