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Video streaming services have seen a huge surge in the last few years. In 2014, Amazon acquired live-streaming platform Twitch. At the time, more than 45 million users were streaming more than 12 billion minutes every month. Today, Twitch is one of the biggest live-streaming platforms in the world. As legions flock to the service every month to watch, Twitch has turned out to be quite the lucrative endeavor for its streamers, especially for gamers. 

Twitch has evolved to host much more than video game live streams, however. The popular streaming platform is also home to podcasts, cooking segments, art streams, and even music. With the new year on the horizon, we’re taking a look back on the top Twitch streamers of 2018.

10. Deadmau5

On this channel, musical artist Deadmau5 gives fans insight into his creative process. Watching the gifted musician’s streams feels like you’ve been invited right into the studio with him.

9. Omgitsfirefoxx

Sonja Reid’s Twitch channel, Omgitsfirefoxx, streams everything from Minecraft gameplay to Pokemon bead art projects. Reid stands out in the Twitch community with her friendly personality and sense of humor.

8. King Gothalion

Streamer King Gothalion features high-level gameplay of shooters like Destiny and The Division on his channel. He stands out amongst Destiny streamers by bringing his wife into many of his streams, giving many of his viewers major relationship goals in the process. King Gothalion is often joined by other Destiny streamers like Teawrex and ProfessorBroman as well.

7. KayPeaLoL

This streamer’s channels feature gameplays of League of Legends. KayPeaLoL‘s streams are entertaining to watch not only for the skilled gaming, but also for the funny commentary she provides. KayPeaLoL also posts funny video compilations on her YouTube channel every week to lighten the mood even more.

6. KittyPlays

KittyPlays is well known for cosplaying while she plays games, but the popular streamer also shows viewers how she makes her cosplay costumes and sometimes even cooks during her streams.

5. Wgrates

Wgrates has a unique approach to gaming. He uses a 3D shiba avatar instead of the usual face camera as he streams his Warfare gameplay, but he also has a second camera pointed at his corgi’s bed. Even if you’re not a gamer, it’s worth tuning into his streams to watch the puppy.

4. Bob Ross

The Bob Ross channel streams old episodes of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting. The legendary painter’s calm and soothing voice puts viewers at ease while encouraging them to be creative. Watching this channel is guaranteed to put you in a great mood. It is one of many non-gaming channels found on Twitch’s hub.

3. Shroud

Canadian gamer Michael Grzesiak (also known as Shroud) live-streams as he plays a wide range of games like PUBG, The Culling, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. He is widely regarded as one of the best CS:GO players in the world; he used to play the game professionally.

2. Lirik

Lirik streams for about seven hours every day, so viewers constantly have new material to watch. The streamer also interacts with his fanbase through regular events hosted on his channel, as well as providing streams showcasing his gaming skills. Lirik streams himself playing a number of games, like SteepDayZ, and Arma 3.

1. Ninja

According to Forbes, Twitch streamer Ninja was the most-watched streaming channel on Twitch in 2018. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins streams as he plays Fortnite. Viewers have logged a staggering 226.81 million cumulative viewing hours watching the former pro Halo player’s entertaining streams. The 27-year-old is one of Twitch’s most successful streamers, amassing a fortune as he plays.