Tracy Morgan Belts out U2’s ‘With Or Without You’ While Waiting for a Flight

Comedian Tracy Morgan passed the time in an Omaha airport singing along to U2‘s ballad, “With Or Without You,” which was playing on the terminal’s sound system.

Fan Haley Madaline captured the moment of Morgan singing passionately to the tune while sitting in a seat at gate A5. Morgan leans into his seated performance, which she shared in a TikTok, wearing a red shirt and hat, while other passengers seemingly did not notice. Morgan also wasn’t lip-synching and was audibly heard belting out the song.

This isn’t the first time Tracy Morgan performed U2’s ‘With Or Without You’

Morgan’s Omaha airport performance wasn’t the first time he delivered the tune in front of an audience. He also performed the U2 song at Valentino’s Fashion’s Night Out karaoke party in 2011. Morgan is seen standing in a room, mic in hand, singing “With Or Without You.”

Tracy Morgan smiles big at a spring benefit
Tracy Morgan| Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

He’s rocking out to the song, gesturing to the other guests in the crowd and some join him from where they were sitting during the song. Morgan added a few lowkey dance moves, including throwing in a few signature Bono-like gestures.

At one point in the video, another person at the party decided to join him and make it a duet and the entire room of people sang along.

Fans love how much Tracy Morgan went for it on the U2 song

The video of Tracy Morgan singing the U2 song quickly went viral and fans had questions. “This is so confusing… 1) He’s too rich to be flying like this? 2) Why is nobody joining in? 3) Why does he like this song so much?” one person commented on a Twitter share.

Another person added, “It’s Omaha. I’m under the assumption that there’s a shock even seeing live action black people lmfaooo.” Several fans saw the moment as pure happiness and loved how he was just sitting in his seat singing away. “That he can be happy enough in that particular airport to be singing is a testament to his fantastic love of life. There’s very little comfort in that airport,” the person wrote.

A Reddit thread was created after the video was posted to TikTok, titled, “U2 needs to bring Tracy Morgan on stage with them.”

Tracy Morgan embraces life after his near-death experience

One fan on Twitter said Morgan is embracing life after his near-death experience. “I’m going to let him be. Brother almost died once. But he better be on key next time,” the person wrote in the Tracy Morgan U2 thread.

Morgan endured a horrific accident when a semi-truck smashed into his limousine in 2014. He was seriously injured and friend James McNair was killed. Morgan was in a wheelchair for five months.

“It was surreal. They remember everything,” Morgan told Today. “I had traumatic brain damage so I don’t remember anything and they would tell me everything that happened.”

“I got to the bed that I recovered in and I just dropped to my knees and started crying because everything came before my face: Jimmy Mack [McNair], the truck, my friends that were in the car with me… all of that stuff came right before me.”