Trisha Yearwood Loves to Sing on Camera — Not Everyone’s a Fan

The Food Network is full of popular shows that fans love. Some of the regular judges are more controversial than others, but fans like that too. There are harsh judges that fans love to hate, like with all reality TV. Unfortunately, there are those who fans don’t love to hate or love to love. There are some personalities some fans just wish would go away. Trisha Yearwood isn’t necessarily one of them, but some fans do wish she would stop doing this one thing. 

Trisha Yearwood smiling in front of a white background
Trisha Yearwood | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Fans are done with Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network singing 

On a recent Reddit thread, fans discussed their least favorite personalities on Food Network. Some people just outright hate certain food celebs. The Pioneer Woman seemed to get a lot of mentions as fans’ least favorite food celeb, but it could be that Reddit users aren’t her target demographic. Fans don’t seem to be very into Buddy Valastro, and surprisingly Giada De Laurentiis was pretty unpopular. The Italian chef is a Food Network veteran, but some Reddit users see her as fake. 

Yearwood was mentioned a few times as some fans’ least favorite Food Network celeb. As one user wrote, they hate watching “Trisha Yearwood and her cringey singing.” Another user commented “Trisha Yearwood. Yeah we know you were once a relevant singer, just stop.” A third user didn’t mention her by name, but it seems like they may have been referring to Yearwood when they wrote they don’t enjoy “that country singer who did an entire segment on avocado toast.”

Some fans like Trisha Yearwood’s ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’

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Although Yearwood is unwatchable for some Food Network fans, there are others who enjoy watching her. One user wrote “I enjoy watching Valerie, Trisha, and Ina. More relaxed, chill personality is my thing.” Yearwood’s show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, must have fans. Food Network has kept it around for a long time; Yearwood’s cooking show first aired in 2012, and is still going strong today. More than 100 episodes have aired, despite the fact that Yearwood’s singing is “cringey” to some. 

Yearwood’s success is no accident. She works hard on the show. Even though she probably got the job thanks to her country singing career, she didn’t rest on her laurels. Yearwood works around the clock to make sure everything on her show is a success. And she controls every aspect of the prep, according to Mashed. It’s in her nature. As Yearwood put it, she’s very “controlling,” and that’s what the show needs. “I think it’s important, especially for this show, to maintain its authenticity, for it to really be what I want to do.”

Trisha Yearwood probably isn’t used to complaints about her singing 

Some fans may complain about Yearwood’s singing, but they’re probably few and far between. She’s a very accomplished country musician. In fact, she’s one half of the country’s most notorious power couple. She’s married to Garth Brooks, and even though he’s a legend himself, Yearwood actually has more Grammys than he does. 

The “She’s In Love with the Boy” singer has 27 career Grammy nominations so far, and three wins. That’s more than Brooks. And she’s more dedicated to music than to cooking. Even though she’s found success in both music and being a cooking show host, she’d pick music over being a food celebrity in a heartbeat. As she put it, “I mean, if you said, ‘Trisha, you have to pick one thing that you can do every day for the rest of your life,’ I would pick music. Absolutely. That is what feeds my soul.”