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Trisha Yearwood is a country music superstar and television personality, who is well-known not only for her music career but also for her popular cooking show. Yearwood has been with her husband, fellow country music star Garth Brooks, for nearly two decades, and has acted as a stepmother to his three daughters that he shares with his ex, Sandy Mahl. These days, Yearwood is open about life as a “bonus mom,” revealing that becoming a part of her stepdaughters’ lives has been a major “gift.”

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Trisha Yearwood is a stepmom to Garth Brooks’ three daughters

By the time Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks started dating in 2002, Brooks already had three daughters from his long-term marriage to Sandy Mahl. The girls, Taylor Mayne Pearl, August Anna, and Allie Colleen, quickly became an integral part of Yearwood and Brooks’ relationship.

In a May 2021 interview with People Magazine, Yearwood opened up about the process of becoming a stepmother. “I had a dog before I married Garth but no children of my own. I never even really babysat!” Yearwood said.

The singer went on to detail “I didn’t know what to do with three young girls. Garth was such a wonderful mentor to me as to how to be a parent.” Eventually, Yearwood said that her relationship with the three girls reached a great place, noting, “They let me learn my way and allowed me to be that third parent in their lives. They were a gift that I didn’t know I needed. I didn’t know how much children brought into your life until I got a chance to be a part of their lives.”

What bonding activities do Trisha Yearwood and her stepdaughters do together?

In her interview with People Magazine, Yearwood talked about the ways that she found to bond with her three stepdaughters, who are now all women in their twenties. Yearwood admitted that they found common ground through food. “Getting three teenagers together at once is almost impossible, so we started having ‘veggie night’ to try to get more vegetables in their diet.” Yearwood noted that the three girls loved the idea of “veggie night” and that they had some truly wonderful conversations around the table.

Yearwood has also opened up in the past about bonding with her family through the power of shared traditions, including decorating the Christmas tree together. According to The List, Yearwood also loves involving her three stepdaughters in her wedding anniversary celebration with Brooks, admitting that the group of five will usually go out to dinner together to celebrate the occasion.  

What have Trisha Yearwood’s stepdaughters said about her?


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It’s pretty great to have Trisha Yearwood as a stepmother – at least, that’s what Garth Brooks’ daughter, Allie Colleen says. In a 2021 interview, the young woman, who is an aspiring singer, revealed that it has been a “privilege” to have Yearwood in her life. As reported by Classic Country, Colleen said “We got married; my bonus mom and I, and my sisters exchanged rings when my parents got married, all that kind of stuff. It was such a beautiful relationship to grow up watching.”

She went on to say, “I had the privilege, the amazing privilege to grow up and watch my dad fall in love with this amazing woman and have this amazing relationship.” The singer also admitted that everyone in the family remains very close and that her biological mother and her stepmom get along well. It’s clear that in the Brooks/Yearwood family, it’s love all around.