‘Tudum: Korea Spotlight’: Is Jam-Packed With K-Drama Content for Netflix Fans

It was only a matter of time until one of the biggest global streaming platforms, Netflix, announced their own grand event. Netflix revealed the biggest fan event in its history, Tudum. The event’s title comes from the unanimously famous sound that plays before every and any show. Actors worldwide band together to give fans the latest inside scoop on the plethora of content Netflix has to offer. From television shows to the latest upcoming movies, actors like Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, and Millie Bobby Brown are only a few of the event’s hosts.

Tudum will air on Sept. 25 and will have segments divided by country. The event will be every Korean drama’s wildest dream come true. Tudum: Korea Spotlight will be hosted by K-Pop’s most recognized idols and include actors from Netflix’s original K-dramas that have been a worldwide sensation. K-Pop fans will want to set their reminder for Tudum: Korea Spotlight.

Kai, Jung Hae-In, Kim Hee-Chul and Song Kang for 'Tudum: Korea Spotlight' Netflix event wearing button up shirts on set
Kai, Jung Hae-In, Kim Hee-Chul and Song Kang for ‘Tudum: Korea Spotlight’ event I via Netflix

Kim Hee-Chul and Kai will host ‘Tudum: Korea Spotlight’

Tudum will have a 3-hour run time, according to Collider. In that time frame, hundreds of stars will represent Netflix content from hit movies to television shows like Stranger Things and The Witcher. The Netflix event will also cater to the streaming platform’s newest claim to fame, K-dramas. Who better to host the event than two of K-Pop’s most recognized idols, Kim Hee-Chul and Kai.

Kim, known as Heechul, made his debut in 2005 in the famous K-Pop boy band Super Junior. The group consists of 10 members and is credited with aiding in the Korean Wave and the popularization of K-Pop to international fans. Besides his K-Pop career, Kim gained notoriety as a host for many of Korea’s top variety shows like Knowing Bros. and Weekly Idol. Joining Kim in the Tudum event is Kai.

Kim Jong-In, better known as Kai, is one of the most famous idols in Korea and amongst international fans. He debuted in the boy band boy group Exo and is part of its subunit Exo-K and South Korean supergroup SuperM. Kai’s career only grew after going solo in 2020. In the world of K-Pop, Kai has earned him the title of being one of the best dancers in the business. The idol has appeared in a few K-dramas, even the short-season drama, 7 First Kisses.

Actors Song Kang and Jung Hae-In join as K-drama representatives

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When it comes to who will represent the long list of K-dramas Netflix offers, Tudum will bring in Song Kang and Jung Hae-In. Song Kang skyrocketed to international success as “The Son of Netflix,” and for a good reason. Kang’s most notable K-dramas are all Netflix originals. In 2019, Netlfix debuted Love Alarm starring Song and Kim So-Hyun. The drama’s fan base and popularity led to a second season installment. In 2020, Song debuted in the webtoon-based apocalyptic horror Sweet Home.

Song is one of the only Korean actors to star in two K-dramas the same year. In 2021, he was the lead role in Navillera and the mature romance K-drama, Nevertheless alongside actor Han So-Hee. The actor will soon star in a JTBC K-drama along with Park Min-Young for 2022. The trailer for Tudum: Korea Spotlight also reveals Jung Hae-In will join the event.

One of Netflix’s most successful K-dramas of 2021 is the military drama D.P. Jung stars as a newly recruited soldier, Private Ahn Joon-Ho. The K-drama was a success and generated a buzz as it told the brutal reality of a male enlistee’s journey to bring back army deserters and the mistreatment by high-ranked officers toward their subordinates. Jung is also recognized for While You Were Sleeping and director Shin Won-Ho’s Prison Playbook.

What sneak peek content can be expected from the Netflix event?

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The trailer for Tudum: Korea Spotlight promises fans exclusive content of Netflix’s popular K-dramas and soon-to-be-released dramas. The trailer does not give much insight as to what content will be included. Fans can assume the event will give behind-the-scenes content of Song’s latest Netflix dramas like Nevertheless. Fans can assume the same for Jung and D.P.

Netflix has many upcoming K-dramas fans eagerly await to debut. In October, the platform will premiere Han So-Hee’s thriller-crime K-drama My Name and the historical romance, The King’s Affection. In the pipeline is the webtoon-based drama All of Us Are Dead. Netflix recently released Squid Game and Kingdom: Ashin of the North, both having received high praises from fans and news outlets.

Tudum: Korea Spotlight will premiere on Sept. 25 on Netflix