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Anna Kendrick may not have had the biggest role in the Twilight movies, but the actor was certainly memorable. Portraying the role of one of Bella’s gal pals from school, the Pitch Perfect alum brought Jessica Stanely to life. While Jessica is certainly more of a mean girl in the books, Kendrick brought a sense of levity to the character that made her hilarious and pretty fun to watch.

Anna Kendrick star of the Twilight movies poses in a metallic dress and high heels
Anna Kendrick | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Kendrick has been candid about the fact that she looks back on the Twilight movies with fondness. Unlike the main cast members: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner (who portrayed Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black respectively) Kendrick didn’t have to deal with nearly as much of the constant fan attention. Furthermore, she wasn’t often plagued by paparazzi invading her private life. In fact, in her book, Scrappy Little Nobody, she wrote that she “got all the fun with none of the consequences,” from the films thanks to the size of her role.

Anna Kendrick reveals the ‘Twilight’ movies were shot in extreme weather conditions

Of course, filming the Twilight movies wasn’t always fun. Thanks to some less than ideal weather conditions, the cast and crew were occasionally pretty miserable while filming. In fact, Stewart once revealed that nearly everyone was constantly fighting a cold on set. In her book, Kendrick shared that when she first showed up to film the first of the Twilight movies the environment was a little grim.

“Wet and cold is not an environment conducive to making friends,” Kendrick revealed. “Imagine if the first four weeks of a new job were spent outdoors in the freezing rain.” According to Kendrick, the cast of the Twilight movies, many of which had been filming for weeks before she showed up, wasn’t necessarily into her bubbly demeanor while filming in the wet and cold. In fact, she joked that one cast member likely wanted to strangle her.

In her book, Kendrick joked that one cast member likely wanted to choke her

“Kellan Lutz is the sweetest guy, but that day I think he might have strangled me if he’d had the energy,” Kendrick penned about the actor who portrays Emmett Cullen in the Twilight movies. “Kristen Stewart — one of the most committed actors I’ve ever worked with — made a valiant effort to be friendly, but I could tell she was putting her back into it. Underneath every word, I heard ‘You don’t know, man, you don’t know what it’s like out there.'”


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Kendrick even stated that if she knew beforehand how bad the weather would be, she likely would’ve turned down her role in the Twilight movies. “If you told me I had to be in that weather with no relief, I would have bailed like the little b— I am,” Kendrick shared. “Extreme cold messes with you. The elements don’t discriminate. And no amount of ‘you’re getting paid to do this’ matters when your body’s basic survival requirements are in play.”