‘Twilight’ Author Says This Cast Member Is ‘Most Like a Vampire’

Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer, may not have been the screenwriter for the Twilight movies, but she certainly had a lot of influence on the films. The writer had a list of non-negotiables that Summit Entertainment was made to follow when adapting her bestselling novels. Furthermore, she was often on set giving her opinions on important details like Bella’s wedding dress and serving as a point of reference for the cast when they needed to understand something about their characters. Hawkeye fans of the films will even note that Meyer has cameos in two of the movies.

The Twilight cast stands on the red carpet at the world premiere
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Though Twilight was the movie that launched the über successful franchise, Meyer was actually more involved in the later films, eventually becoming a producer on Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and Breaking Dawn – Part 2. For the first movie, though she was kept abreast of decisions like casting, she wasn’t in the room when a lot of the important decisions were being made. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Meyer explained how her involvement with the movies changed over time.

Stephenie Meyer on the casting process for the ‘Twilight’ movies

“Casting is really exciting,” Meyer shared. “With Twilight, I wasn’t involved at all with the casting in the original. They kept me in the loop, which was great. They’d be like, ‘Hey, Kristen Stewart’s gonna do it,’ and I was like, ‘Really? Awesome.’ With the second one, I got a little bit more involved, by the third one I was very involved, and then with the last one I was a producer. That was great because I got to see all of the auditions. It was hard because there were some really good auditions and there were some people I would love to work with, and you just were like, ‘Ah, there’s no place else for us to get this guy in,’ and it just kills you to have to turn down people that are that good. We had such a wealth of choices on this last one because everybody wanted to do it. It was so cool.”

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The author thinks one cast member looked most similar to their ‘Twilight’ character

Because Meyer had no say in who was cast in the first Twilight movie, the actors could’ve been drastically different from the characters that she pictured in her mind. However, there was one person cast who Meyer felt most closely approximated her idea of their character.

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“I have to say, physically, Ashley Greene,” Meyer shared when asked which Twilight cast member was the closest to her book character. “The headshot they sent and said, ‘This is gonna be Alice.’ It was kind of like ‘Wow’ because she’s stunningly gorgeous. Physically, she not as short as Alice, but facially very close. She’s probably the most like a vampire because they’re supposed to be inhumanly beautiful.” We’re sure most fans of the Twilight books would agree that Greene did a good job of embodying the character of Alice. And, with her features, she certainly does fit the role in terms of looks.