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Though many people are familiar with the Twilight movies, in order to be considered a true Twihard, fans must be familiar with the Twilight books as well. Written by Stephenie Meyer, nearly all of the books have become international bestsellers and are well-loved around the world. But what exactly is the order of the seven books in The Twilight Saga and what are they actually about? We’ve put together a cheat sheet for your convenience.

Twilight books in order Stephenie Meyer
Stephenie Meyer | Amanda Edwards/WireImage


The first of the Twilight books is, obviously, Twilight. The book follows our main character, Isabella “Bella” Swan as she moves to Forks, WA in the middle of her Junior year of high school. There, she meets vampire, Edward Cullen, and the two fall madly in love despite the fact that Bella’s scent is extraordinarily painful to Edward. This book really sets the foundation for the couple’s relationship and introduces readers to the Twilight universe.

Midnight Sun

Next up is Midnight Sun. Though this book is Meyer’s most recent release, it actually falls second chronologically. Midnight Sun follows the same plot as Twilight. But, since it is told from Edward’s perspective rather than Bella’s, fans learn a bit of new information. Perhaps what is most salient about this book is how strong Edward’s urge was to kill Bella and how unhappy he was with his immortal life prior to meeting her.

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined

Yet another Twilight reimagining, Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined is again the same basic plot with the exception of having the genders swapped. In this rendition, Beau Swan, a human male, falls for Edythe Cullen, a female vampire. For years, Meyer maintained that story would be the same regardless of gender, and in order to prove this point, she wrote this book. The book is nearly a carbon copy of Twilight, with the exception of its ending, which is a bit more definitive.

New Moon

New Moon is the next book on the list. Bella and Edward are in their senior year and more in love than ever before. But an unfortunate accident leads Edward to break things off with Bella and leave her forever. Devastated, Bella struggles to find meaning in her life and mostly behaves like a zombie. The only thing that pulls her out of her depression is her newfound friendship with Jacob Black. But things get complicated with Jacob hiding a secret of his own. And when Edward finds himself in mortal danger with vampire royalty, The Volturi, Bella’s fate is forever cemented.


Eclipse marks a turning point in The Twilight Saga. Though Edward and Bella are back together, in order to escape from the Volturi, they had to agree to make Bella immortal much to Edward’s dismay. Also complicating their relationship is Bella’s love for Jacob, who is Edward’s natural enemy. But despite the tension between Jacob’s family and Edward’s family, they must work together against a sinister force who has plans to destroy Bella.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella

An often forgotten book in the Twilight series, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella tells the story of Bree Tanner, a newborn vampire that fans are briefly introduced to in Eclipse. The book details how Bree became a vampire and how she tries to navigate her new life as a vampire without knowing all the rules until her untimely second death.

Breaking Dawn

Last, but certainly not least, is Breaking Dawn. The conclusion of the Twilight books, this novel covers a lot of ground. It is told from both Bella and Jacob’s perspectives and introduces a myriad of new characters. While we won’t give away too many details, the book starts with a wedding and ends with the promise of Jacob, Bella, and Edward all finding happiness and true love. Most fans will agree that Breaking Dawn has some very unexpected moments, but Meyer does make sure to wrap up the franchise in a way that is satisfying for readers.


‘Twilight’ Originally Had a Much Less Interesting Title

Though there are seven Twilight books, fans really only need to read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn for a complete glimpse into Edward and Bella’s love story. Still, Meyer has shared that she has ideas for at least two more books in the Twilight universe, so we’re sure we’ll see this list grow in time.