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Any fan of Twilight will recall the horrible wig that Taylor Lautner (who was cast as Jacob Black in the movies) had to sport for the first two films in the franchise. As Jacob had long hair (prior to becoming a werewolf) and Lautner kept his own hair cropped short, a wig was necessary to fully bring the character to life. But the wig wasn’t just gnarly to look at, it also caused problems for Lautner on set.

Twilight cast member Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner | Greg Doherty/WireImage

Lautner had to jump through a lot of hoops in order to secure his place in The Twilight Saga cast. In addition to gaining 30 pounds of muscle, running around shirtless, and performing his own stunts, he also had to wear the infamous Jacob wig in Twilight and half of New Moon. In an interview with Collider, Lautner revealed that wearing the Jacob wig was irritating in more ways than one.

‘Twilight’ cast member, Taylor Lautner, reflects on the infamous Jacob wig

“It not only was uncomfortable, OK,” the Twilight cast member began. “One? I’d look at myself in the mirror and I wouldn’t be able to recognize myself, it was so weird to see that hair on me. Two, it was very itchy, hot, whatever. Annoying.” But the wig wasn’t just annoying for Lautner to wear, it also managed to cause some issues while filming because it was constantly blowing in his face.

“But it also, it slowed down the filming process like whenever it got caught in my eye or whatever, we’d have to cut, start over,” Lautner revealed before recalling a specific scene where the wig ruined a take in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. “It got caught in my mouth and I’m spitting hair out in the middle of the scene. I’m coming this close to kissing Bella and I’m like ‘sorry, I gotta spit my hair out.’ So it was annoying.”

The film crew gave the wig a standing ovation

In fact, the wig caused so much trouble that when Lautner no longer had to wear it, the Twilight film crew clapped in celebration. “We actually had a picture wrap on the wig,” Lautner revealed. “You know, the crew claps for you at the end or whatever. My last day of filming with the wig, we ripped it off, held it up in the air and were like ‘that’s a picture wrap on Taylor’s wig.’ And the whole crew did a standing ovation and it was amazing, it was great to chop that thing off.”


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But even though the Jacob wig caused tons of problems for Lautner, he later revealed that he wished he would have kept it as a memento. When Collider interviewed Lautner years later for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, he expressed regret that he didn’t keep it a souvenir of his time filming the movies.

Lautner regretted not keeping the wig as a ‘Twilight’ memento

“It’s a regret that I have,” Latuner revealed when he was asked if he kept the infamous Jacob wig. The Twilight star then went on to share that the crew asked him if he’d like to keep it and he vehemently refused. “They asked me, ‘Do you want it?,’ and I was like, ‘No, get that thing away from me!’ I told them that they could burn it. And now, looking back on it, of course, I’m like, ‘I should’ve kept that thing!’ But I don’t have fond memories of that wig.” We can understand why Lautner opted out of keeping such an annoying accessory. We’re sure there were much cooler things on set to keep as mementos.