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Much has been said about the Twilight movies throughout the years. Thanks to the surprising success that the five films found in theaters, fans and critics alike have analyzed the story and characters in great detail. Questions about whether or not Edward and Bella’s relationship was toxic or abusive were readily discussed a decade ago. And while the media had no qualms about dissecting the movies, it was often the cast of the films who had the most interesting takes on their characters. Kristen Stewart, for example, had a lot of “hot takes” about the blockbuster films.

Twilight movies cast members Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart stare moodily at the camera for cast photos
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart | Franco S. Origlia/Getty Images

While most people would likely consider the Twilight movies to be strange, one could argue that the books are even more bizarre. Written by Stephenie Meyer, the four novels explain Edward and Bella’s story in great detail and have some pretty dark elements. While Stewart has been candid about the fact that she would have loved to make the films as dark as the eponymous books, she also believes that there’s simply no getting around some of the more adult themes that run through the films.

Kristen Stewart believes certain scenes in the ‘Twilight’ movies double as foreplay

In a 2009 conversation with Interviewer Magazine, Stewart revealed that even if younger fans didn’t understand the full scope of a scene and everything it was implying, it was super fun for her, and the rest of the Twilight cast, to play those elements as subtext. The Happiest Season actor even revealed that she sees elements of BDSM in the movies.

“The weirdest fu*king themes run through this story—like dominance and masochism,” the Twilight star revealed. “I mean, you always have to realize that the story needs to make sense to the 11-year-olds who read the book and aren’t necessarily going to be viewing a scene as foreplay. But then there is the other segment of the audience—a large percentage—who does see the scene as foreplay. And it’s pretty deep, heady foreplay. So it’s fun to play it both ways.”

The ‘Spencer’ cast member believes there’s more to the movies than most fans realized

Continuing on, Stewart said that younger fans of Twilight might have a deeper understanding of the films as they continued to age and revisit them. “I mean, I don’t know what it feels like to make out with my vampire boyfriend because it isn’t something that anybody has ever felt,” she shared. “But it’s funny to think that a lot of the audience is 10 years old and will maybe one day grow up to realize there are a lot of involved thoughts in Twilight that they didn’t see before.”


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Clearly, Stewart has some interesting ideas about the movies that made her a household name. We wonder if fans of Twilight would agree with the actor about the assessments that she made about the wildly popular movies.