‘Twilight’: Kristen Stewart Had to Get Her Butt Molded for ‘Eclipse’ but It Was in Vain

Any hardcore fan of the Twilight movies knows just how challenging the films were to shoot at times. The cast often had to deal with intense weather conditions and put their bodies through the wringer thanks to the action that the films required. Taylor Lautner, in particular, was tasked with dealing with a ton of grueling moments while he was filming Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse,  Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Kristen Stewart star of the Twilight movies
Kristen Stewart | Elisabetta A. Villa/WireImage

Because Lautner was portraying werewolf, Jacob Black, he had to do lots of things that were physically demanding in the Twilight movies. Fans will recall that the actor had to undergo a massive physical transformation in preparation for New Moon. Lautner adopted an intense diet and exercise regiment and gained 30 pounds of muscle to ensure that he wouldn’t be replaced by an older actor. 

The ‘Twilight’ movies were often physically challenging for the cast

But Lautner’s challenges didn’t end there. He also often had to perform his scenes in minimal clothing. Because Jacob is supposed to run hotter than humans and because his clothes shred each time he transforms into a werewolf, Lautner is often featured shirtless, wearing just shorts. The Twilight star was required to brave the elements in very cold and wet weather while also delivering his lines as if he were unaffected by the less than optimal conditions.  

However, Lautner’s most physically demanding moment in the Twilight movies came in the third film, Eclipse. In the film, there’s a scene where Jacob carries Bella through the woods so that her scent can be undetectable to the vampires who are after her. As the scene consists of 3 pages of dialogue, there was a device built for Kristen Stewart (who played Bella) to sit in so that Lautner wouldn’t have to carry her as they repeatedly shot the scene all day. Stewart even got a mold of her butt made so that the device looked more realistic and gave the illusion that she was being carried.

Kristen Stewart’s butt mold went unused in ‘Eclipse’

Unfortunately, the butt mold was made in vain. Upon filming, the crew noticed that the shot simply didn’t look realistic. Out of options, the crew asked Lautner to carry Stewart for the entirely of the scene. Lautner spent the day shooting the 3 minutes scene multiple times. At times, his arms simply gave out and the director had to call cut. “By the end of the day, my arms are just like shaking so bad,” Lautner confessed in the behind-the-scenes footage of the Eclipse DVD. But despite the pain Lautner was feeling, he had to make it look like carrying Stewart was a breeze as his character was meant to have inhuman strength. Though it was a particularly challenging day for Lautner, Twilight fans would never know that while watching the film.


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It’s impressive that Lautner was able to do so many physically demanding things for the sake of the Twilight movies. Considering how well-loved he was in the franchise, we hardly doubt fans would have accepted anyone else in the role of Jacob.