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When Kristen Stewart first read the synopsis for Twilight she was completely unimpressed. The actor felt that the story sounded overly shallow and vain. However, she quickly changed her tune shortly after reading the eponymous book that the script was based on and eventually signed on to the project. Through the years, she’s been candid about how much she appreciated being able to bring Bella’s story to life.

Twilight star Kristen Stewart crouches in a long sleeve t-shirt and blue jeans for cast photos
Kristen Stewart | Elisabetta A. Villa/WireImage

But just because Stewart loved her time working on the Twilight movies doesn’t mean that it was always a walk in the park for her. Filming the movies could prove to be challenging because of less than ideal weather conditions. Many members of the cast and crew wound up pretty sick on set because they were working outdoors while it was cold and wet.

Kristen Stewart reflects on one of the most challenging scenes in the ‘Twilight’ movies

Stewart also dealt with a number of injuries while she was portraying Bella Swan. Since she was portraying a human, she didn’t have as many action scenes as some of her fellow castmates. However, she still managed to puncture her foot and break her thumb while shooting the popular movies. Even though the action shots often left Stewart injured, she found them exciting, rather than nerve-racking. Funnily enough, one of the scenes that Stewart found most challenging had nothing to do with action and everything to do with intimacy.

In a 2010 interview with MTV, Stewart got candid about making Eclipse, the third film in The Twilight Saga. She shared that one of the most challenging scenes for her involved a very important kiss between Bella and Jacob. As an actor, she found it difficult to reconcile this new part of Bella whom she’d never had to play before.

Why the Jacob and Bella kiss was so nerve-racking for Stewart

“I guess one of the most challenging scenes would probably be kissing Jacob for real, finally for the first time and seeing that there was a different road to go down that was desirable as well,” the Twilight star revealed. “She’s got such tunnel vision, that Edward is the only thing for her — that’s a strange perspective. Then I have to go in and talk to Edward about it, and it’s such a different dynamic than we’ve ever had. It was a different Bella. I had never had to play somebody who would’ve done stuff like that, so that was hard. And I was nervous as hell.”


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When pressed as to what about the Jacob/Bella kiss made her so nervous, Stewart shared that it was the aftermath of the kiss that made it so important and thus nerve-wracking. “Just because of that moment and how different that kiss is to all of the rest of them in that movie, and how different they have to be,” Stewart revealed about how the kiss was an anomaly in the overall Twilight story. “It is the most unique moment. It’s also a mistake, and I always say that Bella makes a lot of mistakes and she’s willing to own them. I think it’s cool to see her a little bit ashamed and, at the same time, scared. I think it’s cool.”

Most ‘Twilight’ fans were happy with the kiss

Clearly, Stewart put a lot of thought into the Jacob/Bella kiss and her character in general. While she may have been nervous about the kiss, fans seemed to think she got it right. We’re sure Team Jacob, in particular, were happy she took the moment so seriously.