‘Twilight’: Kristen Stewart Was Puking Between Every Take During This Iconic ‘Eclipse’ Scene

When Kristen Stewart was cast as Bella Swan in Twilight, her whole life changes irrevocably. While the actor had built up quite a few credits on her resume, her role in the Twilight movies made her a household name and brought her mainstream success. Additionally, since she made millions of dollars from playing Bella, the films brought her the financial freedom to be able to have agency over her career.

Kristen Stewart squats for a cast photo for the Twilight movies
Kristen Stewart | Elisabetta A. Villa/WireImage

But there were some downsides to being cast in the Twilight movies. One of the biggest negatives for Stewart was the lack of privacy that stemmed from the success of the films. As the movies became global phenomenons, the media became more and more obsessed with Stewart, her personal life, and her relationship with her co-star, Robert Pattinson.

Filming the ‘Twilight’ movies wasn’t always easy for the cast

And life wasn’t always easy on the set of the Twilight movies either. The Happiest Season star has been candid about the fact that she, Pattinson, and Lautner got treated differently in later films. Furthermore, some scenes were particularly difficult for the actors to film. For Stewart, it was a struggle to film the iconic tent scene from Eclipse because she was violently ill during one of the days the scene was shot.

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Back in 2010, Stephenie Meyer (who authored the books that the Twilight movies were based on) gave an interview and she revealed that Stewart was extremely sick during the last day that she shot the tent scene with Pattinson and Lautner. “The last day was the tent,” the Twilight author recalled. “That was it, and it was a pretty easy shoot. The only problem for that day was that Kristen had the stomach flu and luckily, she was supposed to lay there but between every like scene…oh, she was so sick.”

Stephenie Meyer revealed Taylor Lautner took good care of Kristen Stewart while she was vomiting

Fortunately, Stewart’s Twilight castmates were extremely understanding. In fact, Lautner went out of his way to make sure Stewart was prepared for the inevitable. “And Taylor, like he was over digging around grabbing a garbage can,” Meyer recalled. “I’m like: ‘Why is Taylor taking the garbage?’  And he brought it over there for her so she could puke in it if she needed to.  And it was so sweet. Everybody was taking care of her and everything, but it was a hard day.”

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Meyer continued on to say that being an actor is far from easy and filming the Twilight movies was no exception. “You know you look at actors you know and a lot of people are like: ‘Oh I want to be an actor.’ It’s so hard and they have to sit there and she’s wanting to puke and she’s all feverish and she’s having to do the shivering.” Still, Stewart was able to power through the scene like a true professional. It probably was a very hard day on set, but we’re sure everyone was happy it wasn’t an action scene.