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Though she certainly isn’t a traditional child star, Kristen Stewart got her start in the entertainment industry at a very young age. She managed to gain industry attention after starring in films like The Panic Room and Speak. However, her life completely changed after she was cast in The Twilight Saga. Portraying, Bella Swan would turn Stewart into a household name. Now, years later, Bella is still considered to be one of Stewart’s most iconic roles.

Kristen Stewart star of the Twilight movies crouches in character in blue jeans and a dark shirt
Kristen Stewart | Elisabetta A. Villa/WireImage

While some people view Twilight as a cheesy teen romance film, Stewart never saw it that way. In fact, she and her co-star, Robert Pattinson, did everything in their power to ensure that the film couldn’t be described that way. Both actors approached their roles very seriously. Stewart, in particular, felt a deep connection to Bella and was willing to argue with anyone who tried to trivialize her.

Kristen Stewart felt very protective over her character, Bella Swan

“I feel very protective of Bella,” Stewart once shared about her Twilight character in an interview with The Virginia Pilot. “I feel she belongs to me as well as to Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the books. If anyone says she is superficial or silly, I’m ready to fight. I know this is a great character and a great role.”

But what is it about Bella that Stewart loved so much? According to The Happiest Season actor, she loved how self-assured Bella is. Though Bella was young, especially in comparison to her undead lover, she never wavered on her convictions and seemed completely sure of even her most life-changing decisions.

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Because Stewart had so much respect for her character, she never felt the need to put any distance between herself and Bella. In fact, when people questioned her about her desire to play a more “serious” character simply to prove she was capable of doing so, the Twilight alum had a pretty iconic response.


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“I’m always asked about what type of things I want to do, and if I make decisions based on my last project,” the Twilight star revealed in a conversation with Interview Magazine. “Say I do a big franchise movie about a vampire that falls in love with a normal girl. It’s like, ‘Now do you want to show them that you can be a real, serious actor?’ It’s like, ‘Was I not being a real, serious actor?'”

Stewart is still incredibly proud of the work she did on the ‘Twilight’ movies

Continuing on, Stewart revealed that she knows that the Twilight Saga wasn’t without its flaws. But ultimately, she takes a lot of pride in what she was able to accomplish in the films. “I mean, it was a long process, so it’s hard to generalize about it as a whole,” she said. “It wasn’t entirely cohesive. We ebbed and flowed. I will definitely acknowledge that. But the intention is so fucking pure in a weird way. Anybody who wants to talk s— about Twilight, I completely get it, but there’s something there that I’m endlessly, and to this day, f—— proud of. My memory of it felt—still feels—really good.”