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The Twilight movies have always had a pretty substantial fan base thanks to the eponymous book and its three sequels: “New Moon”, “Eclipse”, and “Breaking Dawn.” While the books became international bestsellers, the fan base only expanded with they were turned into major movies. Not only did the films make hundreds of millions of dollars for Summit Entertainment, but they also made the three main cast members: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner household names.

Taylor Lautner star of the Twilight movies
Taylor Lautner | Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

Throughout the four years that the Twilight movies were being filmed and released, Pattinson, Lautner, and Stewart, were easily three of the most recognized celebrities on the globe. The actors could scarcely take a trip to Starbucks without being accosted by the paparazzi. While Pattinson had experienced a taste of this immense fame by way of his role of Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter franchise, the constant attention was foreign to Stewart and especially Lautner, who didn’t have as many acting credits as Stewart.

Taylor Lautner on how he handled the fame that the ‘Twilight’ movies brought him

But how the Twilight cast try to remain some semblance of normalcy after stumbling into fame so quickly? In an interview with Collider, Lautner revealed that it was important for him to be around people who knew and loved him before he became Jacob Black. The actor added that he wasn’t as exciting as fans assumed him to be.

“It definitely is about surrounding yourself with family and the friends that you’ve known forever,” the Twilight star revealed. “All of us live in two completely different worlds, and they are complete opposites. This is our job. We go to work and live in this business world, and then we go back to our regular world. We do the same things we did before. We’re not that exciting. We sit home and watch American Idol every Tuesday and Wednesday, and spend time with our family and friends. I think maintaining that world is extremely important.”

Lautner reveals his most intense fan encounter on the red carpet

No matter how hard Lautner tried to maintain some semblance of normalcy, he still had his fair share of intense fan encounters. Lautner made sure not to refer to any of his fans as “crazy”, instead choosing to describe them as passionate. So what was his most passionate Twilight fan encounter? Lautner revealed that it involved his signature and a permanent tattoo.


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“I would say they’re just passionate,” Lauter stated, citing his Twilight fans. “I was just in Australia about a week ago or so, at this big fan event, and there was a red carpet. There were 4, 000 fans and I was walking down the line, and fans like to hold out their hand or arm for you to sign. This one arm I went by had a massive tattoo of the Wolf Pack tattoo. It was a real one, and it was pretty cool. She was like, ‘Can you sign it?,’ and I was like, ‘Sure!’ So, I signed right underneath it and, the next day, somebody told me that the girl got my signature tattooed right underneath the Wolf Pack tattoo. I didn’t know whether or not to say that was cool or feel bad that I signed her arm. That’s definitely some passion there.”

There is renewed interest in ‘Twilight’

Clearly, Lautner and his fellow Twilight castmates dealt with some pretty committed fans. And while the mania around Twilight has dwindled over the years, “Midnight Sun” and the fact that all five movies are currently streaming on Hulu, have certainly sparked new interest and conversation.