‘Twilight’: Robert Pattinson on the Worst Thing About Playing Edward

Robert Pattinson has certainly been involved in his fair share of film franchises. Currently, he is heading up the latest installment of Batman movies and will portray the starring role of Bruce Wayne. However, before Pattinson became well known, he was also involved in the wildly popular Harry Potter franchise, playing golden boy, Cedric Diggory, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Still, Pattinson’s biggest claim to fame was playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies.

Robert Pattinson poses for Twilight cast photos in a blue jacket
Robert Pattinson | Elisabetta A. Villa/WireImage

Playing the moody vampire certainly changed Pattinson’s life in profound ways. As one of the three leads in the Twilight movies, there were a number of years when the actor had little to no privacy. He was stalked by the paparazzi and fans alike and occasionally overwhelmed by crowds when he attended events for the films.

Robert Pattinson reflects on being in the ‘Twilight’ movies

Of course, there were certainly some upsides to playing Edward Cullen. Perhaps the biggest of which was financial. Pattinson made millions upon millions of dollars while playing the moody bloodsucker. This gave him some financial freedom in terms of what he did with his career once his role in the Twilight movies was complete. Furthermore, since was very famous while shooting the five films, he had a lot of film offers coming his way. In an interview with Collider, Pattinson spoke about the best parts and worst about playing Edward.

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“There’s a thing, in general, about doing any kind of series, especially when the characters remain the same, to go back and try to improve whatever you did in the last movie, which never happens,” The Twilight alum revealed. “That work ethic is nice.  You feel quite strangely secure.  It’s the opposite of how you’re supposed to feel doing a movie.  It’s supposed to feel totally foreign, every single time.  But, going back for another go at it is good, on one hand, but it’s also bad, on another hand.  Your ideas dry up sometimes, and you get lazy sometimes ‘cause you’re around the same people.  That was the good thing about having different directors.  You had to stay on your toes.”

‘The Batman’ star reveals the worst part about playing vampire, Edward Cullen

Though Pattinson had a lot to say about the benefits of being a part of the series, he was very clear about the worst part of playing Edward in the Twilight movies. Funnily enough, it centered around his character’s immortality rather than a specific memory or experience. “What was the worst thing?” Pattinson questioned. “Playing the part where you can’t get hurt and you can’t die gives you no framework.  There are too many possibilities if you can’t die.  If you’re playing a normal human being, there’s always that.”

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We’re sure fans of the Twilight movies can understand how playing an immortal being could prove to be a challenge for even the most talented actor. However, we’d wager that they’d also agree that Pattinson did a good job considering his character’s limitations.