‘Twilight’: Stephenie Meyer Walked out of the Room When She Saw 1 Scene From ‘Eclipse’

As the author of the books that the Twilight movies were based on, Stephenie Meyer had a lot of input on the films. The writer often provided feedback and gave her thoughts and opinions on the screenplay and how her story translated to the big screen. Meyer even had cameos in two of the films and acted as a resource for the cast to help get them in the proper headspace. However, there were times when Meyer did not agree with the way her characters were portrayed in the films.

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer, and Robert Pattinson walk the red carpet of the final Twilight movies
Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer, and Robert Pattinson | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Over the years, Meyer has been candid about the fact that she’s had to seperate the book versions of her characters from the ones that are portrayed in the Twilight movies. However, there were times when the two versions were so at odds with each other that it was hard for the author to overlook them. One particular instance where this happened was when she saw the Jacob and Edward confrontation in Eclipse.

Stephenie Meyer had issues with the Edward and Jacob fight in ‘Eclipse’

Fans of the Twilight movies may recall that Jacob and Edward nearly get into an altercation at Bella’s house after Jake kisses Bella. Pissed, Bella punches him in the face only to break her hand. When Edward confronts Jacob, he grabs his shoulder but Jacob brushes it off before Charlie “breaks it up.” The energy in the film (and particularly Edward’s demeanor) is completely different in the book and it truly threw Meyer for a loop. Back in 2010, she even gave an interview detailing her initial reaction to the scene.

“That’s the one I walked out on in the trailer on the dailies, because in my head that scene was so much different and the movie Edward is quite separate motivationally from the book Edward,” the Twilight author declaered. “At this point in the film, in the story for me, he’s gotten past this. Like he’s realized: ‘I can’t act like a teenage boy anymore.  I have to give her her space. I have to be the mature one here.’ And in that scene in the book he has icy calm control. He is very gentle. He is very soft-spoken. He is very mature. And so when I see him…and plus you know the movies are unable to bring to life some of the elements of the mythology.”

The author felt that the ‘Twilight’ movies were limited by their ratings

Meyer also had some issues with some of the physical elements of the scene. She shared the physical elements were treated far too casually for her taste. “If Edward had in anger grabbed Jacob by the shoulder his arm would have come off, and the fact that Taylor [Lautner who played Jacob in the Twilight movies] is uninjured and that he [Edward] just kind of shakes him bothered me!”


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Ultimately though, Meyer knew that she knew that the Twilight movies were limited by their PG-13 ratings, so they couldn’t necessarily include the bloodbath that she felt the scene warranted. However, she also shared that the scene grew on her a bit after she saw the way some fans reacted to “Angry Edward.” Clearly, the movies deviated from Meyer’s original vision in some ways, but at least she was able to give her opinions throughout the course of the franchise.