‘Twilight’ Villains James, Laurent, and Victoria: How Much Are the Actors Worth Today?

The Twilight Saga boasts a deep bench of immortal heroes and villains. At the center of the story stands a teenaged girl named Bella Swan, who becomes romantically involved with a vampire named Edward Cullen. The Cullen family creates a host of enemies, due mostly to their relationship with Bella.

The original Twilight movie introduces a coven of foes who target Bella and consequently draw ire from Edward and the rest of the Cullens. The trio of adversarial vamps — James, Victoria, and Laurant — are out for blood and ready to battle the honorable Cullen clan.

In the books and on screen, James is the leader, and Victoria and Laurent are his loyal allies, but in real life, which actor bests the others? Here’s a breakdown of who’s the biggest off-screen powerhouse, at least when it comes to net worth.

Rachelle Lefevre as ‘Victoria’

Rachelle Lefevre portrayed the fierce vampire, Victoria, in Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon. But film buffs may also remember her from a slew of television and big-screen projects, including White House Down opposite Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum. With a whopping 75 acting credits under her belt, Lefevre has built her total wealth to$1.5 million, as estimated by Celebrity Net Worth.

Edi Gathegi as ‘Laurent’

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Playing the part of the magnetic vampire, Laurent, Edi Gathegi appeared in Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Since his role as the ill-fated bloodsucker, Gathegi has remained a fixture in Hollywood with a string of meaty projects. TV buffs may recognize him from stints on The Blacklist and Briarpatch. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gathegi is worth an estimated $3 million.

Cam Gigandet as ‘James’

Since James was killed in Twilight, his portrayer, Cam Gigandet, only appeared in the first film of the series. Still, the performer went on to land a series of parts in big-budget movies. His credits include Easy A, Burlesque, and The Magnificent Seven, among other crowd-pleasers. After years of consistently landing on-camera gigs, the actor has amassed an estimated $4 million fortune, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Bryce Dallas Howard as ‘Victoria’

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Bryce Dallas Howard took over the role of Victoria in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. But the star was a household name even before she signed on to the blockbuster movie franchise. Before joining The Twilight Saga cast, Howard appeared in a slew of films, including a breakout role in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village, and the title character in the director’s Lady in the Water.

After her turn as Victoria, Howard continued landing high-profile roles, beefing up her resume. The A-lister starred in The Help, Jurassic World, and Rocketman among other box office juggernauts. Howard easily tops the other portrayers of James’ coven when it comes to total wealth, with a massive fortune amounting to $25 million, as estimated by Celebrity Net Worth. 

With more projects on the horizon, all four actors have the potential to build even greater fame and fortune.

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