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Did you know that Carlisle Cullen of Twilight fame is one of the wealthiest fictional characters ever created? The Cullen family had a seemingly unending supply of cash, a ton of property, and fancy toys to go along with it. What’s never really discussed is how they amassed such a massive fortune or how much Dr. Carlisle Cullen, in specific, is worth. If you have always wondered, we have the answer.

What is Carlisle Cullen’s net worth?

As far as fictional characters go, Carlisle has a lot of money. In fact, several media outlets place him at the third wealthiest fictional character in history, sitting right behind Smaug and Scrooge McDuck. Carlisle’s wealth is significantly higher than Tony Stark and Batman.

According to calculations, the three-century-old vampire is worth around $46 billion. The massive amount of wealth is evident in both the books and the film adaptations of the novel, but it’s rarely spoken about with any level of importance. Unlike other rich fictional characters, wealth doesn’t play heavily into the covens backstory, although clearly, money makes their entire mission a whole lot easier.

How did Carlisle Cullen amass his fortune?

Humans only have a set number of years in their life where they can make money. That isn’t the case for Carlisle. Working as a doctor for three centuries has ensured he’s got plenty of money to keep his family afloat. His salary as a doctor was a robust way to start amassing serious wealth, but the value of time is way more critical to Carlisle’s story.

Forbes notes that Carlisle is a fan of slowly amassing his wealth. After all, he’s got all the time in the world. All told, the majority of Carlisle’s wealth can be attributed to careful investments and the magic of compound interest. Carlisle would have needed to set aside very little money in the 1600s to be worth billions today.

If you, as an average human, were to start with an initial investment of $100 today and put aside $20 each month, in 50 years, you would amass a wealth of $291,000, assuming an annual interest rate of 10%; $279,000 of that cash would come in the  form of compound interest, according to Nerd Wallet. The longer the money sits, the more cash is added in the way of interest. Since Carlisle had centuries to amass his fortune, one can assume much of his wealth has come from letting the money sit around and grow on its own.  

Wait, the coven has a lot of revenue streams

There is more to Carlisle’s wealth than his solo endeavors. Because Carlisle belongs to a coven, it can be assumed that the coven’s income is factored into his overall wealth. Esme and Carlisle are said to own a construction company, while simultaneously utilizing Alice’s stock insight to grow their wealth.

Jasper and Emmett seem to try their hand at gambling and sports betting more than anything. Again, aided by Alice, both are incredibly successful. It is unknown how much money Jasper and Emmett bring to the coven with their gambling, but it’s safe to assume it’s enough to keep them afloat without touching the coven’s cash.