‘Twilight’: Why Does Rosalie Hate Bella?

The entire Twilight series dropped on Netflix in July 2021. Binging all of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan‘s epic romance, and all the adventure in far-north Washington, is as simple as opening up Netflix. It’s been 10 years since Breaking Dawn, but some fans still have questions. Whether you’re watching it again, or seeing it for the first time because it’s an easy watch on Netflix, some questions have lingered. Here’s all you ever wanted to know about why Rosalie hated Bella Swan.

How did Rosalie become a vampire?

As shown in the Twilight series, Rosalie was turned by Carlisle Cullen when she was left for dead in an alleyway. Carlisle saw both a way to save her and to try to give his adopted son, Edward, a lover. She was beautiful and dying, which prompted Carlisle to transform her into a vampire. Carlisle was also a gentle soul, who did want to save her somehow.

Rosalie grew up wealthy. She was a banker’s daughter who wholeheartedly loved her lavish lifestyle. She was beautiful, she knew it, and that was all that mattered. She knew that she was shallow, but she didn’t care because she was happy.

Eventually, through the machinations of her mother, she caught the eye of the banker’s son, Royce. Royce fell for her beauty, but no more. Rosalie was fine with that, though, and gladly accepted his proposal. She was settling into a life that she wanted.

Just before her wedding, Rosalie visited her friend, Vera. Vera was a new mother and hadn’t been married long. Rosalie witnessed how loving Vera’s marriage was, and she couldn’t help but compare it to her relationship with Royce. For the first time, she started having doubts. She also held Vera’s baby. It stirred something in her, and she wanted nothing more in that moment than to become a mother herself. 

On her way home from Vera’s, she ran into Royce and a group of his friends. Thanks to the visit, she was uncertain and didn’t interact with Royce the way he expected; he and his group of friends beat her and had their way with her. They left her in the street, where Carlisle found her.

Why does Rosalie hate Bella?

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in 'Twilight'
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A fan posed that question on Quora. The answer was a thoughtful one, which outlined some of Rosalie’s deep-seated desires to have children, her vanity, and Bella’s lack of respect for mortality. They wrote:

“Bella Swan represented everything Rosalie wanted to be. In the beginning she was also jealous Edward liked Bella, not because she wanted Edward but because she was very vain and was offended Edward never liked her.”

Rosalie’s jealousy over Edward was a minor quibble — however, her resentment over Bella becoming a mother was a much bigger issue. In the story, Rosalie stated that she wanted children badly, and she would have left her vampire husband for a human if she had the chance to have a child. It’s all she ever wanted in life, and as a vampire, she couldn’t have a child. (Only human women could have children; vampire women were sterile.) Bella, on the other hand, never wanted a child until she had an accidental pregnancy and gave birth to her daughter, Renesmee. Rosalie was jealous and hurt, and she was faced with the reminder of all that she ever wanted but could not have. 

Finally, Rosalie resented that Bella wanted to become a vampire so badly — mostly because Rosalie never had the choice herself.

Rosalie eventually became one of Bella’s staunchest allies


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When Bella became pregnant, it was extremely controversial. Several people, even those within the Cullen family, wanted the baby dead. Even Edward at one point wanted to abort the baby, but Bella refused. She found an ally in Rosalie. 

Because Rosalie had wanted to be a mother for so long and wished so hard for it, she saw a bit of herself in Bella’s staunch refusal to harm her child. Eventually, Bella and Rosalie became like sisters.